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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. To Shaw, what is the main advantage of Henry Sweet's "Current Shorthand"?
(a) It can express every sound in the language perfectly.
(b) It can be used as a kind of secret code or cryptogram.
(c) Everyone is familiar with it, as it is widely taught in secretarial schools.
(d) It can be used on postcards, where there is limited space to write.

2. On what basis do some English people despise others?
(a) Their socioeconomic class.
(b) Their level of education.
(c) Their accents or dialects of English.
(d) Whether they are foreign or native-born citizens.

3. What should happen with the English alphabet, according to Shaw?
(a) It should be the same as the Spanish alphabet.
(b) It should be completely modified to conform with classical Greek letters.
(c) It should be increased to the size of the Russian alphabet.
(d) It should be simplified to include only the most essential letters.

4. How does the Flower Girl know Freddy's name?
(a) She has seen him somewhere before.
(b) She doesn't; she calls all young men "Freddy" or "Charlie."
(c) They are secretly lovers.
(d) She heard the women call him by that name.

5. What is the strange man (Higgins) doing behind the pillar?
(a) Waiting for a taxicab.
(b) Spying on Liza.
(c) Taking notes.
(d) Hiding from the police.

Short Answer Questions

1. Which system does Shaw use to write his Preface?

2. Why doesn't Sweet's shorthand become popular?

3. Which of the following does Shaw identify as a problem among his fellow English?

4. Of what does Mrs. Pearce warn Higgins?

5. When Liza comes to see Higgins in Act 2, what does she ask him to do?

Short Essay Questions

1. What does Higgins boast that he can do for the Flower Girl?

2. How does Freddy feel about Liza and what does he want from her? How is he different from Higgins?

3. Who is the Gentleman in the first act, and what do he and the note-taker have in common?

4. What does Pickering think about the evening? How do his feelings differ from Higgins's? How does he succeed in hurting Liza as well?

5. Why is Liza so upset in Act 4? What does she want to know?

6. Why does Liza's father come to see Higgins?

7. Describe Higgins.

8. Why is Doolittle unhappy with his new status? What is ironic about this?

9. What makes some English people despise others? What can we infer would solve this problem?

10. What does Higgins do for the Flower Girl? What prompts him to do so? What does this act suggest about Higgins?

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