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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Liza say when she sees her father looking so different in Act 5?
(a) E-e-e-e-yow-a!
(b) No!
(c) A-a-a-a-ah-ow-ooh!
(d) Garn!

2. What do Pickering and Higgins say makes Liza a "genius"?
(a) She has a perfect ear and can imitate any sound she hears.
(b) She can charm anyone she meets instantly.
(c) She can remember all of Higgins's appointments and finds his slippers when he loses them.
(d) She knows exactly what to say in any social situation.

3. What shocking fact does Liza reveal about her father while talking with the Eynsford Hills in Act 3?
(a) He has a chronic drinking problem, but it doesn't bother Liza at all.
(b) He used to beat Liza, but she says she deserved it.
(c) He may have murdered her aunt, but she deserved it.
(d) He was never married to her mother.

4. What does Higgins say about the experiment with Liza?
(a) He is so nervous about it that he's glad it's finally over.
(b) It is the most significant experiment of his entire career.
(c) It is dreadfully boring and he thanks God it's over.
(d) It will make him famous if anyone finds out--which they won't.

5. What new skill does Liza have?
(a) She cooks delicious meals for Higgins.
(b) She plays the piano beautifully.
(c) She speaks perfect French.
(d) She has learned the fine art of conversation.

6. In the last part of Act 3, Higgins and Pickering take Liza for her final test. Where does this "test" take place?
(a) At a Beethoven concert.
(b) At a grand ball in Buckingham Palace.
(c) At the prestigious Ascot horse races.
(d) At a party at the Embassy.

7. While talking with the Eynsford Hills at the social visit in Act 3, what does Higgins say all people really are?
(a) Equals under the sight of God.
(b) Savages.
(c) Animals.
(d) Royalty.

8. Who says, "I havnt any small talk. If people would only be frank and say what they really think!"
(a) Clara.
(b) Freddy.
(c) Higgins.
(d) Liza.

9. What shocking thing does Liza tell her listeners at the social visit with the Eynsford Hills in Act 3?
(a) She believes her aunt was murdered over a hat.
(b) Her aunt caught diphtheria and died a horrible death.
(c) She is in love with Colonel Pickering.
(d) She is in love with Freddy.

10. At the beginning of Act 5, Doolittle's life has changed. What must he now do?
(a) Teach phonetics at a new school for the poor.
(b) Go at once to America to work for Ezra Wannafeller.
(c) Work hard as a laborer to support Liza.
(d) Give lectures about morality.

11. Why is Freddy waiting outside Higgins's house when Liza leaves Higgins?
(a) He wants to congratulate her on her success.
(b) He is hoping she will run away with him.
(c) To ask her to marry him.
(d) He watches her window every night.

12. When Liza meets Freddy in the street at the end of Act 4, where does she say she is going?
(a) To see her father.
(b) To kill herself.
(c) To Buckingham Palace.
(d) Back to the slums where she belongs.

13. What does Higgins say Liza might do next?
(a) Get married.
(b) Become a teacher of phonetics.
(c) Open a jewelry shop.
(d) Go back to her father.

14. Why is Liza's father, Doolittle, upset with Higgins?
(a) He thinks Higgins has taken advantage of Liza.
(b) Higgins has made him a respectable gentleman.
(c) He thinks Higgins has kicked Liza out.
(d) Higgins has made him lose all his money.

15. Which best describes Liza's mood when the group first returns home from the party?
(a) Quietly triumphant.
(b) Relieved.
(c) Furious.
(d) Tired and brooding.

Short Answer Questions

1. Where is Liza at the beginning of Act 5?

2. Why does the policeman stop Freddy and Liza?

3. What is the setting at the beginning of Act 3?

4. How does Higgins promise to treat Liza if she comes back to him?

5. What upsets Higgins now that Liza is gone?

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