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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Liza plan to do for money?
(a) Marry Freddy.
(b) She won't need money because her father will support her.
(c) Open a flower shop.
(d) Work as a teacher of phonetics.

2. Whom do Higgins and Pickering call on the phone when they find Liza missing?
(a) Mrs. Eynsford Hill.
(b) Mrs. Higgins.
(c) The police.
(d) Liza's father.

3. What does the ambassador's wife think of Liza?
(a) Liza is a sensation, and must have royal blood.
(b) Liza may have a secret.
(c) Liza looks strangely familiar.
(d) Liza could become a diplomat.

4. To whom does Liza plan to go for advice the day after she leaves Higgins?
(a) Mrs. Pearce.
(b) Her father.
(c) Pickering.
(d) Mrs. Higgins.

5. What is the difference between a lady and a flower girl?
(a) Her moral values.
(b) How she's treated.
(c) How she speaks.
(d) How she behaves.

6. What does Higgins think is a disgusting sight?
(a) A woman "s'yollin voylets" (selling violets) in the gutter.
(b) A woman shouting for independence.
(c) An ungrateful, snobbish woman.
(d) A woman fetching a man's slippers like a slave.

7. When Liza meets Freddy in the street at the end of Act 4, where does she say she is going?
(a) To kill herself.
(b) To see her father.
(c) Back to the slums where she belongs.
(d) To Buckingham Palace.

8. What does Higgins say about the experiment with Liza?
(a) It will make him famous if anyone finds out--which they won't.
(b) He is so nervous about it that he's glad it's finally over.
(c) It is dreadfully boring and he thanks God it's over.
(d) It is the most significant experiment of his entire career.

9. What does Liza realize at the end of Act 5?
(a) She's truly and deeply in love with Freddy.
(b) She's every bit as good as Higgins.
(c) She's no better than she ever was.
(d) She's truly and deeply in love with Higgins.

10. Where is Liza at the beginning of Act 5?
(a) Back in Covent Garden, wandering in the vegetable market.
(b) With Mrs. Higgins.
(c) With her father.
(d) With Freddy.

11. What does Liza forget in Act 5?
(a) All of Higgins' wrongdoing to her.
(b) How to speak as she did before.
(c) All of her fathers wrongs to her.
(d) How good it feels to curse.

12. What does Higgins think of Neppomuck?
(a) He is a fool.
(b) He is very clever, perhaps too clever.
(c) He is boring.
(d) He is a perfect companion for Liza.

13. What does Higgins say to Liza after she faces up to him and hurts his feelings in Act 4?
(a) Such an insignificant girl as her can never hurt him.
(b) He always loved her, although she never knew it.
(c) There can never be any feeling between the likes of her and the likes of him.
(d) She has wounded him to the core.

14. What does Liza say she never did when she was a flower girl?
(a) Put herself on display like a bird in a cage.
(b) Sell herself for money.
(c) Cry for love.
(d) Obey a man.

15. How does Higgins promise to treat Liza if she comes back to him?
(a) With all his love.
(b) Like a duchess.
(c) The same as always.
(d) With respect and care.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is Mrs. Higgins concerned about after meeting Liza at the social visit in Act 3?

2. What does Liza do when she looks into the mirror?

3. What does Liza ask Higgins about her clothes?

4. Who says, "I havnt any small talk. If people would only be frank and say what they really think!"

5. Where do Freddy and Liza go at the end of Act 4?

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