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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Higgins think of Neppomuck?
(a) He is boring.
(b) He is a perfect companion for Liza.
(c) He is a fool.
(d) He is very clever, perhaps too clever.

2. What compliment does Higgins pay Liza during their discussion after the party?
(a) She's really rather clever--for a woman.
(b) She is a real lady now.
(c) She's a great cook.
(d) She's not bad-looking.

3. Who says, "I havnt any small talk. If people would only be frank and say what they really think!"
(a) Freddy.
(b) Higgins.
(c) Liza.
(d) Clara.

4. What upsets Higgins now that Liza is gone?
(a) He doesn't have anyone to find his slippers.
(b) He misses the sound of her voice.
(c) He needs her to cook his breakfast.
(d) He doesn't know what appointments he has.

5. What does Liza throw at Higgins when they return home after the party?
(a) A book about his precious alphabet.
(b) All her jewelry.
(c) His slippers.
(d) The ring he bought her.

6. Who is delighted with Liza's "small talk" during the social visit with the Eynsford Hills in Act 3?
(a) Higgins and Pickering.
(b) Mrs. Eynsford Hill.
(c) Mrs. Higgins.
(d) Freddy and Clara.

7. What is the difference between a lady and a flower girl?
(a) How she speaks.
(b) How she's treated.
(c) Her moral values.
(d) How she behaves.

8. What skill does Neppomuck have?
(a) He is an interpreter who knows 32 languages.
(b) He is a psychic capable of reading the secret thoughts of people.
(c) He is a clever international spy who can read people's body language.
(d) He can do magic tricks and sleight of hand.

9. What does Liza do when she looks into the mirror?
(a) Sticks her tongue out at herself.
(b) Bursts into tears.
(c) Screams in rage.
(d) Breaks into a self-satisfied smile.

10. Why is Liza so angry with Higgins after the party?
(a) He makes her believe she is special, but she's not.
(b) He leads her on to think that she will marry the duke, but it is all a lie.
(c) He uses her and doesn't care what will happen to her now.
(d) He won't admit that she does a good job at the party.

11. What do Pickering and Higgins say makes Liza a "genius"?
(a) She has a perfect ear and can imitate any sound she hears.
(b) She can charm anyone she meets instantly.
(c) She can remember all of Higgins's appointments and finds his slippers when he loses them.
(d) She knows exactly what to say in any social situation.

12. At the beginning of Act 5, Doolittle's life has changed. What must he now do?
(a) Teach phonetics at a new school for the poor.
(b) Work hard as a laborer to support Liza.
(c) Go at once to America to work for Ezra Wannafeller.
(d) Give lectures about morality.

13. Why is Doolittle dressed up at the end of the play?
(a) To make a speech.
(b) To impress Liza and Higgins.
(c) For his wedding.
(d) For Liza and Freddy's wedding.

14. Why does the policeman stop Freddy and Liza?
(a) He recognizes Liza as a flower girl.
(b) They are kissing in the street.
(c) He thinks Liza has stolen the jewels.
(d) Liza has dropped her handkerchief.

15. Who comes looking for Higgins at the beginning of Act 5?
(a) The police, to ask him questions.
(b) Liza's father, Doolittle.
(c) Freddy, to ask Liza's hand in marriage.
(d) Liza, demanding an apology.

Short Answer Questions

1. Whom do Higgins and Pickering call on the phone when they find Liza missing?

2. While talking with the Eynsford Hills at the social visit in Act 3, what does Higgins say all people really are?

3. What does Liza say she doesn't want to be accused of?

4. What does Higgins say Liza might do next?

5. What does Liza say she never did when she was a flower girl?

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