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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What surprises Mrs. Pearce?
(a) Liza has no underwear.
(b) Liza has only one change of clothing to her name.
(c) Liza never wears pajamas; she sleeps in her underwear.
(d) Liza's clothing is torn and dirty.

2. What is Higgins the author of?
(a) Spoken Sanscrit.
(b) Higgins's Universal Alphabet.
(c) Famous books about Shakespeare and Milton.
(d) The play that everyone has seen that evening.

3. What insulting term does Higgins use to describe Liza in Act 2?
(a) Draggle-tailed guttersnipe.
(b) Foul-mouthed imp.
(c) Filthy tramp.
(d) Idle-headed fool.

4. Where does Liza tell Freddy she is going at the end of Act 1?
(a) Buckingham Palace.
(b) Home.
(c) To jump in the river.
(d) To see Higgins.

5. Why doesHenry Sweet not become more prominent?
(a) He scorns everyone who did not agree with him about the importance of phonetics.
(b) Nobody agrees with him that phonetics are important.
(c) He angera many people by publishing a libelous article.
(d) He is an ill-natured man.

6. How much money does Doolittle demand from Higgins in exchange for his daughter?
(a) Ten pounds.
(b) One hundred pounds.
(c) Five pounds.
(d) Fifty pounds.

7. Which of the following first interests Higgins about Liza?
(a) Her exceptional beauty.
(b) Her ability to survive on the tough urban streets.
(c) Her Cockney accent.
(d) Her cleverness.

8. What does Sweet send Shaw?
(a) Postcards.
(b) Letters.
(c) Money.
(d) Books.

9. What does Higgins notice about Liza's father, Doolittle?
(a) He has a natural talent with language.
(b) Despite his poverty, he seems like an honest fellow.
(c) He seems cruel and conniving.
(d) He has the same horrible accent as Liza.

10. Which elements of the English alphabet have no agreed speech value?
(a) The vowels.
(b) The vowels and some consonants.
(c) The consonants and some vowels.
(d) The consonants.

11. What does Higgins say when he finds that Liza is not married?
(a) Nobody would want to marry the likes of her.
(b) He will marry her himself.
(c) She will marry a duke.
(d) Men will soon be dying for her.

12. What does Higgins say about women?
(a) He has a hard time controlling himself around beautiful women.
(b) He thinks men are superior to women and should tell them what to do.
(c) He thinks all women are silly creatures, like animals.
(d) He's happier without them and is a confirmed bachelor.

13. Which of the following best describes Higgins's profession?
(a) Linguist.
(b) Sociologist.
(c) Playwright.
(d) Phoneticist.

14. Who is Robert Bridges and what does he have in common with Higgins?
(a) A professor at Oxford who, like Higgins, had a fiery temper.
(b) A portrait painter who, like Higgins, loved phonetics.
(c) An expert in shorthand who, like Higgins, lived in England.
(d) A phonetician who, like Higgins, greatly admired Milton.

15. Which is true of Pygmalion at the time Shaw wrote his Preface?
(a) It is extremely successful on stage, and he hopes to make a movie of it.
(b) It is extremely successful in Europe, and he hopes to make it so in America.
(c) It is extremely successful on stage and screen all over North America and Europe.
(d) It is extremely successful in America, but not in Europe.

Short Answer Questions

1. When Liza comes to see Higgins in Act 2, what does she ask him to do?

2. How do the bystanders treat Liza when she becomes upset?

3. Why does Liza become upset with Higgins?

4. To what does Higgins compare Liza?

5. Which of the following is among Liza's treasured possessions?

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