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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Act 2.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Higgins tempt Liza with just as she is about to leave?
(a) A chocolate.
(b) New clothes.
(c) A purse full of coins.
(d) A diamond ring.

2. When does Shaw first become interested in the subject of phonetics?
(a) In the 1870s.
(b) Around 1890.
(c) Around 1910.
(d) In the 1850s.

3. What mistake does Liza make in the bathroom?
(a) She thinks the toilet is for washing hands.
(b) She uses the toothbrush to brush her hair.
(c) She thinks the bathtub is for washing clothes.
(d) She burns herself with the hot water in the bath.

4. What makes Liza happy at the end of the evening?
(a) Higgins gives her a pocketful of change.
(b) She sold all her flowers.
(c) Higgins promises to give her lessons.
(d) Freddy is falling in love with her.

5. What happened to Liza's parents?
(a) They are too poor to take care of her, so she lives on her own.
(b) She has no parents; they are dead.
(c) Her father is gone and her stepfather beats her.
(d) She has no mother, and her father and stepmother kicked her out.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why doesHenry Sweet not become more prominent?

2. What does Higgins give Liza in Act 2 when she begins to cry?

3. How do the bystanders treat Liza when she becomes upset?

4. What does Higgins notice about Liza's father, Doolittle?

5. What does Higgins say when he finds that Liza is not married?

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