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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Act 1.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does an upside-down e represent?
(a) It is similar to a question mark.
(b) An uncommon vowel in English.
(c) A vowel of indefinite sound.
(d) It is a symbol of the uselessnesss of alphabets.

2. Which of the following does NOT describe the Flower Girl's appearance?
(a) Her hair needs to be brushed.
(b) She has bad teeth.
(c) She is wearing a black sailor hat.
(d) She is very clean and neat.

3. What does the taxicab driver realize about Liza that humiliates her?
(a) She lives in a slum.
(b) She is really a prostitute.
(c) She doesn't have any money and cannot pay for the taxi.
(d) She's never ridden in a taxi before and has no idea how much it costs.

4. According to Shaw, what can people do to get rid of their low-class accents?
(a) People should not try to get rid of their low-class accents; they should be proud of the way they speak.
(b) They must be trained by a phonetics expert.
(c) They should imitate people who speak proper English.
(d) It cannot be done in real life.

5. Which of the following best describes Higgins's profession?
(a) Phoneticist.
(b) Playwright.
(c) Linguist.
(d) Sociologist.

Short Answer Questions

1. What type of person does Shaw indicate is the hero of Pygmalion?

2. On what basis do some English people despise others?

3. Why doesHenry Sweet not become more prominent?

4. What city is the setting of Shaw's play?

5. Which system does Shaw use to write his Preface?

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