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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Act 5.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What do Pickering and Higgins say makes Liza a "genius"?
(a) She can charm anyone she meets instantly.
(b) She can remember all of Higgins's appointments and finds his slippers when he loses them.
(c) She knows exactly what to say in any social situation.
(d) She has a perfect ear and can imitate any sound she hears.

2. What does Higgins say he can do for the Flower Girl (Liza)?
(a) He can make her rich.
(b) He can make her a Duchess.
(c) He can give her a proper education.
(d) He can teach her to speak properly.

3. In Act 5, Doolittle reveals that he is miserable because certain people are hounding him. Who are these people, and why are they after Doolitttle?
(a) His relatives, asking for money.
(b) The police, who think he is guilty of stealing the money.
(c) Creditors, asking him to pay his debts.
(d) Women, who want to marry him.

4. How does Liza feel about the bedroom she'll be staying in?
(a) She says it makes her feel like a duchess.
(b) She's amazed by its luxurious furnishings.
(c) She's not used to sleeping in a bed and it seems very strange to her.
(d) She thinks it's too good and clean for the likes of her.

5. What does Liza plan to do for money?
(a) Marry Freddy.
(b) She won't need money because her father will support her.
(c) Work as a teacher of phonetics.
(d) Open a flower shop.

Short Answer Questions

1. What insulting term does Higgins use to describe Liza in Act 2?

2. About how much do Liza's clothes cost?

3. For whom or what does Pickering say the evening has been a real triumph?

4. Where is Act 1 of the play set?

5. Why is Clara annoyed with her mother?

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