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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Act 3.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What two subjects has Higgins told Liza she must stick to in polite conversation?
(a) The weather and people's health.
(b) The weather and politics.
(c) Family and friends.
(d) Hobbies and sports.

2. What is the strange man (Higgins) doing behind the pillar?
(a) Spying on Liza.
(b) Waiting for a taxicab.
(c) Hiding from the police.
(d) Taking notes.

3. What insulting term does Higgins use to describe Liza in Act 2?
(a) Filthy tramp.
(b) Draggle-tailed guttersnipe.
(c) Foul-mouthed imp.
(d) Idle-headed fool.

4. What does an upside-down e represent?
(a) A vowel of indefinite sound.
(b) It is a symbol of the uselessnesss of alphabets.
(c) It is similar to a question mark.
(d) An uncommon vowel in English.

5. What do Higgins and Pickering fear might happen at the end of Act 3 to spoil their bet?
(a) Liza might tell Neppomuck the truth.
(b) Neppomuck might figure out Liza's true background and create a scene.
(c) Liza might say curse words and create a scene.
(d) Neppomuck might tell the hosts about Higgins's bet.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Higgins think of his mother?

2. What does Shaw try to do for Sweet?

3. Where does Liza tell Freddy she is going at the end of Act 1?

4. To Shaw, what is the main advantage of Henry Sweet's "Current Shorthand"?

5. What is the main reason Higgins brings Liza to the social visit at the beginning of Act 3?

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