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Liza and Freddy are interrupted and reprimanded by these during their amorous night walk through the streets of London.


Liza sells these items before she meets Higgins.


This is a character from Greek mythology who falls in love with a statue of the woman that he has created.


Higgins buys this object for Liza, but she gives it back to him as an insult.


Higgins has a dish of these items displayed prominently in his study, and uses them to lure Liza into playing along with his bet.


Higgins often misplaces these objects and Liza gets into the habit of finding them for him. Finally, Liza throws them at Higgins on the night she leaves him.

Cabbage Leaf

Higgins repeatedly compares Liza to this object. After he recreates her, he no longer uses the term.


Higgins speaks of this person as...

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