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Jean Merrill
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 35.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Maxie say is the purpose of the red pins in the map?
(a) To mark when hot dog vendors sold more than a dozen dogs.
(b) To mark when the pushcarts have a good day.
(c) To mark when there was a very minor pushcart accident.
(d) To mark when the trucks had a flat.

2. What is the first point of the manifesto signed by the truck drivers of the city?
(a) That the Mayor step down from his office.
(b) That pushcart vendors be fined for the flats they caused.
(c) That all pushcart vendors be arrested.
(d) That Maxie Hammerman be arrested.

3. Who is driving the truck that encounters the division on Greene Street?
(a) Big Moe.
(b) Maxie Hammerman.
(c) Louie Livergeen.
(d) Albert P. Mack.

4. What does Maxie tell the Police Commissioner he meant by the notation "By Hand" beside Anna's name?
(a) That Anna had caused her flats by hand.
(b) That Anna requires that he use only hand tools.
(c) That Anna was to serve up lunch by hand.
(d) That Anna expected to be greeted with a wave.

5. What prompts the many letters to the editor about the pushcarts?
(a) The photo of Mack hitting Harry the Hot Dog.
(b) The story of Mack hitting Frank the Flower.
(c) The photo of Mack hitting Morris the Florist.
(d) The story of Mack hitting General Anna.

Short Answer Questions

1. What do people throw at the trucks on Beecker Street?

2. Why doesn't Morris the Florist ever go above Twenty-third Street?

3. Who is causing the next round of truck flats?

4. Where do the pushcart vendors meet to discuss the situation?

5. How many people are arrested on Beecker Street?

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