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Jean Merrill
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 35.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who buys the pins and peas for the pushcart vendors?
(a) Big Moe.
(b) Wenda Gambling.
(c) The Mayor.
(d) General Anna.

2. What does General Anna say should be a condition of the peace?
(a) That there be only trains in the city.
(b) That there be only taxis in the city.
(c) That there be only big trucks in the city.
(d) That there be no trucks in the city.

3. What does Larry Gilbert, age 8, say he'll miss if the pushcarts aren't allowed to operate?
(a) Peanuts to feed the squirrels.
(b) Pretzels to feed the ducks.
(c) Hot dogs to feed his puppy.
(d) Ice cream to feed your his sister.

4. What is written on Eddie Moroney's pushcart?
(a) Ice Cream, Home Delivery.
(b) Circus Posters, Home Delivery.
(c) Coal & Ice, Home Delivered.
(d) Home Delivered Flowers.

5. Who is driving the truck that encounters the division on Greene Street?
(a) Albert P. Mack.
(b) Maxie Hammerman.
(c) Big Moe.
(d) Louie Livergeen.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does the mayor and city council eventually decide as a way of trying to stop the pea shooters?

2. What is the name of Professor Lyman Cumberly's explanation for the attitude of the truck drivers of New York City?

3. Which of the divisions runs into trouble during the peace march?

4. How long is it before the pushcart vendors know the truckers have declared war?

5. What does Big Moe tell his truck drivers to do if they see children hanging around their trucks?

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