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Jean Merrill
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 15.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who questions Frank the Flower once he's at the police station?
(a) A spotter for the trucking company.
(b) The arresting officer.
(c) The Police Commissioner.
(d) Maxie Hammanman.

2. What is the name of Professor Lyman Cumberly's explanation for the attitude of the truck drivers of New York City?
(a) The Mammoth Movers Theory of Traffic.
(b) The Large Object Theory of History.
(c) The Big Truck Theory of Relativity.
(d) The Huge Item Theory of Ancient Greece.

3. What has General Anna discovered about her ability to aim?
(a) She aims better than anyone.
(b) She hasn't tried.
(c) She can't aim at all.
(d) She misses about half.

4. Who do taxi drivers say is to blame for the heavy traffic in New York?
(a) The people who drive their private cars.
(b) The other taxis.
(c) The people who walk.
(d) The pushcarts.

5. What is Morris the Florist's pushcart number?
(a) FLWR-10.
(b) BR-229.
(c) X-105.
(d) X-RAY.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who comes up with the idea of how to fight the trucks?

2. How is Maxie Hammerman plotting the "battle?"

3. What does Joey Kifflis believe is the real reason for "the master plan?"

4. When does Frank the Flower get arrested?

5. Who is the only person in New York who might know how many pushcarts there are in the city?

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