The Pushcart War Fun Activities

Jean Merrill
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Make a pushcart

Have students create a pushcart. For the sake of portability, students can use shoe boxes or some similar small box as a basis for the cart. As an alternative, have students make full-sized pushcarts and bring them on different days or break students into groups to build a pushcart.

Set up districts

Have students make a map of your school, town or neighborhood. As an alternative, ask the local Chamber of Commerce or city offices if there are maps available for each student. Then divide the maps into "districts" for the various pushcart vendors. Encourage imagination. For example, there could be an ice cream vendor near the park and a flower vendor near the hospital, but ideas could be more creative such as a pencil and paper vendor near the entrance to the school (or a vendor selling hall passes).

Write a Poem

Have students...

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