The Pushcart War Character Descriptions

Jean Merrill
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Maxie Hammerman

Also known as the Pushcart King, this character is a third generation pushcart builder.

Old Anna or General Anna

A fruit vendor who has sold apples and pears outside hospitals and museums for more than forty years.

Harry the Hot Dog

The first of the vendors to want to figh, and the best shooter among all the 509 vendors.

Mr. Jerusalem

A pushcart vendor for many years, this character also collects junk and sells it.

Frank the Flower

A quiet little man who wears a hat with the crown cut out and flowers tucked into the band.

Morris the Florist

The first major victim of the Pushcart War.


A bad tempered driver who drives a Mighty Mammoth.

Police Commissioner

The official who interviews those involved in the war in an effort to end the hostilities; this is a fair man.

Emmett P. Cudd

The mayor.

The Three

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