The Pushcart War Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

Jean Merrill
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Chapter 1 | Chapter 2

• The pushcart war started on March 15, 1986

• Morris the Florist is selling daffodils from his pushcart when Albert P. Mack tells him to move.

• Morris refuses and Mack rams Morri's pushcart, throwing Morris into a pickle barrel.

• Marvin Seely, taking a picture at the time of the incident, catches part of the incident on film.

• Emily Wiser cuts out Marvin's published photo and her husband, journalist Buddy Wiser, blows the photo up to life-size.

• The photo offers up details, including that the truck was a Mighty Mammoth, the largest of Mammoth Moving Company's trucks, and that the pushcart belonged to Morris the Florist.

Chapter 3 | Chapter 4

• Morris the Florist has been in business forty-three years at the onset of the war, is mild-mannered and always throws in an extra flower when someone buys a dozen.

• People think Morris didn't start the war but was merely at the wrong...

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