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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Ms. Rain notice happening when Precious is mad?
(a) She eats a lot
(b) Her spelling worsens
(c) She turns assignments in late
(d) Her son goes and hides

2. Why does Precious not want to go to counseling?
(a) She does not see a point in bringing up the past
(b) She is afraid of getting in trouble
(c) She does not trust strangers
(d) She does not have the money for counseling

3. What does Ms. Rain point out in Precious' journal entry that she reads aloud to the class?
(a) The abuse she has encountered
(b) Her hate for her mother.
(c) Her emotional attachment to Abdul
(d) Stealing the counselor's file

4. At the end of Chapter 3, what does Precious do for the first time that she is then ashamed about?
(a) Does not attend class
(b) Hits Abdul
(c) Insults one of her classmates
(d) Screams at Ms. Rain

5. Who does the reader discover does not have HIV?
(a) Precious
(b) Little Mongo
(c) Abdul
(d) Mary

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Mary tell Precious she may do if she wants to after they attend a counseling session together?

2. When does Precious have her son?

3. What does Precious tell Mrs. Butter once she finds her at the hospital?

4. What does Precious think about in regards to Carl Kenwood Jones after receiving some startling news?

5. What does Ms. Rain advise Precious to do about Ms. Weiss and their counseling sessions?

Short Essay Questions

1. What are the journal entries about that Precious does not want Ms. Rain to see?

2. What happens at the end of Chapter 3 between Ms. Rain and Precious?

3. What is the meaning behind Precious' second child's name, Abdul Jamal Louis Jones?

4. When Mary visits Precious at the halfway house, what does she reveal to Precious?

5. When Mary goes to a counseling session with Precious, what is her version about the abuse that took place?

6. What is happening to Precious at the opening of Chapter 4?

7. How does Precious feel about her counselor, Ms. Weiss, and how does their first session go?

8. What does Precious' file say about Precious and what is she afraid her file could do to her?

9. Where does Precious go after she leaves her home with Abdul and who does she look for?

10. What does Precious learn about Ms. Rain and how does it help correct a previous misconception she had?

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