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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is the only thing Precious can think about while in the hospital in Chapter 3?
(a) Abdul
(b) Little Mongo
(c) Her grandmother
(d) School

2. What does Ms. Rain advise Precious to do about Ms. Weiss and their counseling sessions?
(a) To cancel them immediately
(b) Find someone she does trust
(c) To bring a friend along to a session
(d) Try to open up to Ms. Weiss

3. What does Ms. Rain tell Precious in response to Precious saying Abdul is everything?
(a) Being intelligent is everything
(b) Being with your loved ones is everything
(c) Reading and writing is everything
(d) Being safe is everything

4. What does Mary attempt to do to Precious when Precious returns from the hospital?
(a) Keep her from going to school
(b) Rape her
(c) Steal Abdul
(d) Kill her

5. What year is it when Chapter 4 opens?
(a) 1987
(b) 1991
(c) 1990
(d) 1989

Short Answer Questions

1. What score does Precious get on the TABE test the second time she takes it?

2. What does Precious say about her assignment that is yet to be completed?

3. Who does Precious consider her family to be now that she has left Mary's house?

4. What does Precious' file suggest she should look into pursuing?

5. What does Ms. Weiss ask Precious when she returns with the Coke?

Short Essay Questions

1. What is happening to Precious at the opening of Chapter 4?

2. What is the meaning behind Precious' second child's name, Abdul Jamal Louis Jones?

3. What existential argument does Precious grapple with at the end of Chapter 4?

4. What does Ms. Rain suggest to Precious whenPrecious writes to her from the hospital?

5. When Ms. Rain asks the girls to write fantasies about their lives, what does Precious imagine her life being like?

6. When Mary comes to visit Precious at the Harlem halfway house, what does Precious understand about her?

7. What does Precious' file say about Precious and what is she afraid her file could do to her?

8. What are the journal entries about that Precious does not want Ms. Rain to see?

9. How does Precious feel about her counselor, Ms. Weiss, and how does their first session go?

10. What does Precious say is her problem when trying to write her life story for the class?

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