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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What city did Jermaine leave to get out of trouble?
(a) North Philaldelphia
(b) Harlem
(c) Camden
(d) Bronx

2. How does Precious think Farrakhan would explain why her father raped her?
(a) He is uneducated and does not know better
(b) He felt he had the right to as her father
(c) Her father was oppressed by white men
(d) He was also sexually abused as a child

3. What does Precious tell the class she is good at?
(a) Running
(b) Cooking
(c) Smiling
(d) Knitting

4. What does Ms. Rain ask the girls to do that terrifies Precious?
(a) Recite the ABC's
(b) Come to her office in alphabetical order
(c) Tell a story to the class
(d) Spell their names on the board

5. Why does Precious attack Mrs. Lichenstein?
(a) Mrs. Lichenstein suggests giving the baby away
(b) Precious does not trust Mrs. Lichenstein
(c) Precious thinks Mrs. Lichenstein is racist
(d) Mrs. Lichenstein suspends her

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Jo Ann claim she wants that she mispronounces?

2. How does Precious know she weighs more than two hundred pounds?

3. What is Precious' mother worried about when she hears Mrs. Lichenstein at the door?

4. Who does Mrs. Lichenstein want Precious to visit at the Higher Education Alternative/Each One Teach One?

5. What book does Ms. Rain help Precious read through?

Short Essay Questions

1. What does Precious say when she speaks for the first time in class at the Alternative school?

2. How did Precious become so overweight at such a young age?

3. What prevents Precious from being able to care about and succeed in her education?

4. What upsets Precious when she goes to register for the Higher Education Alternative/Each One Teach One school?

5. What does Precious need to do in order to register for the Alternative school?

6. What does one of Precious' classmates at the Alternative school do for her that makes her want to cry?

7. How does Precious surprise herself on her first day of class at the Alternative School?

8. Why does Precious not want her mother to know about her second pregnancy?

9. What is the irony of Jo Ann wanting to work in the record label industry?

10. When Precious returns from her first day of school, what is Mary worrying about happening?

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