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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How does Precious think Farrakhan would explain why her father raped her?
(a) He felt he had the right to as her father
(b) He was also sexually abused as a child
(c) He is uneducated and does not know better
(d) Her father was oppressed by white men

2. What begins to happen to Precious in second grade?
(a) Her mother begins beating her
(b) She starts to make friends
(c) She starts learning how to read
(d) She starts being molested

3. Why is Precious almost late for her first day of school at the Alternative School?
(a) She takes a long shower
(b) She is bullied on her way to school
(c) She stays in bed daydreaming
(d) Her mother beats her before she can leave

4. How many classmates does Precious have in her class with Ms. Rain?
(a) 6
(b) 15
(c) 4
(d) 10

5. What name does Precious tell Mrs. Butter is the name of her baby?
(a) A name she heard on TV
(b) The same name as her father
(c) A boy's from school
(d) Her grandfather's name

Short Answer Questions

1. When Precious starts thinking about kindergarten and first grade, what does she remember?

2. What does Ms. Rain have the girls do once they are all in attendance?

3. Who does Precious believe to be a real man?

4. What does Ms. Rain tell the girls that they can call her?

5. Why does Precious yell at her math teacher, Mr. Wicher?

Short Essay Questions

1. Why does Precious not want her mother to know about her second pregnancy?

2. Why does Precious have a hard time understanding that she had a baby?

3. What does Precious say when she speaks for the first time in class at the Alternative school?

4. What is another reason revealed in Chapter 2 for why Precious' education is not up to par with the rest of her classmates?

5. Where does Jo Ann find Precious' notebook and school supplies that she gives back to her in class?

6. What does one of Precious' classmates at the Alternative school do for her that makes her want to cry?

7. How does Precious surprise herself on her first day of class at the Alternative School?

8. How did Precious become so overweight at such a young age?

9. Why is Precious so excited that she has read the book "A Day at the Beach"?

10. What does Ms. Rain ask the students to do that horrifies Precious?

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