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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Precious do after Ms. Weiss leaves the office to get her a Coke?
(a) Draws a picture
(b) Cries
(c) Steals her file
(d) Runs out of the office

2. What does Ms. Rain advise Precious to do about Ms. Weiss and their counseling sessions?
(a) Find someone she does trust
(b) To bring a friend along to a session
(c) To cancel them immediately
(d) Try to open up to Ms. Weiss

3. Following her counseling session with Ms. Weiss and Mary, what does Precious do after speaking with Mary in order to calm herself down?
(a) Calls Ms. Rain
(b) Hugs Abdul
(c) Writes in her journal
(d) Calls her grandmother

4. What year is it when Chapter 4 opens?
(a) 1987
(b) 1990
(c) 1989
(d) 1991

5. While at the temporary shelter Mrs. Butter suggested, who tells Precious to put her bag in bed with her?
(a) A drug addict
(b) The supervisor
(c) An old man
(d) A girl she knew from her previous school

6. What does Mary attempt to do to Precious when Precious returns from the hospital?
(a) Keep her from going to school
(b) Rape her
(c) Kill her
(d) Steal Abdul

7. What does Precious understand about AIDS?
(a) It is curable
(b) It is a widespread epidemic
(c) Many people she knows have it.
(d) She and Abdul may have it

8. What does Precious' grandmother say when she visits Precious at the hospital?
(a) Only a dog leaves a baby
(b) Not to get pregnant again
(c) Little Mongo misses her
(d) She needs to give up the baby

9. Where do Mrs. Butter and the other nurses send Precious after she comes back to the hospital?
(a) An orphanage
(b) The police
(c) The trauma room
(d) The armory

10. What does Ms. Rain tell Precious in response to Precious saying Abdul is everything?
(a) Reading and writing is everything
(b) Being with your loved ones is everything
(c) Being safe is everything
(d) Being intelligent is everything

11. What does Ms. Rain notice happening when Precious is mad?
(a) She turns assignments in late
(b) She eats a lot
(c) Her spelling worsens
(d) Her son goes and hides

12. What did Rita's wealthy boyfriend do for Rita?
(a) Paid to fix her teeth
(b) Gave her a place to live
(c) Bought her a car
(d) Put her through rehab

13. What does Precious say she no longer cares about now that she is getting an education?
(a) New clothes
(b) Cooking
(c) Her mother
(d) Names people call her

14. What does Ms. Weiss ask Precious when she returns with the Coke?
(a) How she feels about Carl
(b) To share her first memory
(c) Where she feels safest
(d) What she wants to do with her life

15. What makes Precious feel better while having to deal with HIV?
(a) Talking to people
(b) Yelling at her mom
(c) Playing with her son
(d) Going to church

Short Answer Questions

1. What is the plant that Precious brings into the classroom supposed to be representative of?

2. What support group does Rita want Precious to join?

3. What does Ms. Rain call the depression Precious is experiencing?

4. Who begins attending counseling sessions with Precious?

5. What does Mary accuse Precious of doing?

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