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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Precious not want Ms. Rain to see?
(a) Her journal entries about sex
(b) Scars from her mother's beatings
(c) Old school records
(d) Her children

2. When Ms. Rain tells the girls to write fantasies about their lives, what does Precious fantasize about?
(a) Living in Manhattan
(b) Being a virgin
(c) Having a lot of money
(d) Being famous

3. When does Precious have her son?
(a) January 20, 1987
(b) January 15, 1988
(c) January 5, 1990
(d) January 30, 1989

4. Why does Precious not want to go to counseling?
(a) She does not trust strangers
(b) She is afraid of getting in trouble
(c) She does not have the money for counseling
(d) She does not see a point in bringing up the past

5. In Chapter 4, what support group does Rita want Precious to attend?
(a) Anger management
(b) Domestic abuse victim group
(c) Incest survivor group
(d) Young mothers group

6. What does Precious want to have checked out?
(a) Her cholesterol
(b) Her teeth
(c) Her eyes
(d) Her blood

7. What does Precious do after Ms. Weiss leaves the office to get her a Coke?
(a) Steals her file
(b) Draws a picture
(c) Cries
(d) Runs out of the office

8. What does Mary tell Precious she may do if she wants to after they attend a counseling session together?
(a) Come home
(b) Give Abdul to her to take care of
(c) Get in touch with Carl
(d) Apologize to her for stealing Carl

9. What does Ms. Rain tell Precious in response to Precious saying Abdul is everything?
(a) Being safe is everything
(b) Being with your loved ones is everything
(c) Being intelligent is everything
(d) Reading and writing is everything

10. What does Precious' file say is the only thing she is not doing well with in school?
(a) Her classmates
(b) Attendance
(c) Her TABE scores
(d) Math

11. What does Ms. Rain ask Precious when Precious refers to her incest class as "insect"?
(a) If she knows how to spell incest
(b) If she is dyslexic
(c) If she knows the meaning of incest
(d) If she has had her hearing checked

12. What does Ms. Rain ask Precious about her father?
(a) If he tries to contact her
(b) If he has been to prison before
(c) How long he has abused her
(d) Where he is at the moment

13. Where is the halfway house that Ms. Rain and the girls find for Precious to live?
(a) Bronx
(b) Brooklyn
(c) Long Island
(d) Harlem

14. What does Precious understand about AIDS?
(a) It is a widespread epidemic
(b) It is curable
(c) She and Abdul may have it
(d) Many people she knows have it.

15. What does Ms. Rain suggest that Precious do after she has given birth to Abdul?
(a) Go to the police
(b) Give up Abdul
(c) Live with her grandmother
(d) Tell child services

Short Answer Questions

1. Following her counseling session with Ms. Weiss and Mary, what does Precious do after speaking with Mary in order to calm herself down?

2. What happens when Precious tells the social worker that Little Mongo does not live with her?

3. Who does Precious think about calling while at the temporary shelter?

4. For whom does Rita have an interest in starting a house?

5. What score does Precious get on the TABE test the second time she takes it?

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