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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is the plant that Precious brings into the classroom supposed to be representative of?
(a) The circle of life
(b) How much Precious has grown
(c) Her connection to nature
(d) Her roots in the world

2. What does Precious say about her assignment that is yet to be completed?
(a) She does not want to do it
(b) She is still not confident enough in her reading and writing.
(c) She does not have enough time to do it.
(d) She has nothing to write about

3. What does Precious understand about AIDS?
(a) Many people she knows have it.
(b) It is a widespread epidemic
(c) She and Abdul may have it
(d) It is curable

4. What is Precious' son's full name?
(a) Louis Jamal Abdul Jones
(b) Abdul Jamal Louis Jones
(c) Jamal Abdul Jones Louis
(d) Jamal Louis Abdul Jones

5. In September 1988, what award does Precious receive from the city?
(a) A young leader's award
(b) A young woman's award
(c) A literacy award
(d) A courage award

6. What does Ms. Rain call the depression Precious is experiencing?
(a) A road block
(b) Bad attitude
(c) A waste of time
(d) Anger turned inward

7. Who does Precious write a touching poem about?
(a) Abdul
(b) Little Mongo
(c) Mrs. Butter
(d) Her grandmother

8. What does Precious' file suggest she should look into pursuing?
(a) Therapy
(b) Teaching
(c) Law
(d) Being a home attendant

9. Who does Precious think about calling while at the temporary shelter?
(a) Ms. Rain
(b) Rhonda
(c) Her neighbor
(d) Her mother

10. What did Precious grow up thinking about herself?
(a) She will never learn how to read
(b) Her insides and outsides are different
(c) Her family is not hers
(d) She will always be overweight

11. What does Precious want to have checked out?
(a) Her blood
(b) Her teeth
(c) Her cholesterol
(d) Her eyes

12. What does Ms. Rain tell Precious, following her startling discovery about herself and Abdul?
(a) She is going to be famous
(b) She is proud of her
(c) Ms. Rain will take care of Abdul
(d) She can live with Ms. Rain

13. What does Precious' file say is the only thing she is not doing well with in school?
(a) Math
(b) Her TABE scores
(c) Her classmates
(d) Attendance

14. What is Precious unsure about in terms of her future relationships?
(a) If a boy will ever love her
(b) If she can ever trust a man
(c) If she can trust her new friends
(d) If she will ever be taken seriously

15. What year is it when Chapter 4 opens?
(a) 1987
(b) 1991
(c) 1989
(d) 1990

Short Answer Questions

1. What score does Precious get on the TABE test the second time she takes it?

2. What does Ms. Rain suggest that Precious do after she has given birth to Abdul?

3. Following her counseling session with Ms. Weiss and Mary, what does Precious do after speaking with Mary in order to calm herself down?

4. What does Precious tell Mrs. Butter once she finds her at the hospital?

5. In Chapter 4, what support group does Rita want Precious to attend?

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