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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Precious want to have checked out?
(a) Her cholesterol
(b) Her teeth
(c) Her blood
(d) Her eyes

2. What does Ms. Rain ask Precious about her father?
(a) Where he is at the moment
(b) How long he has abused her
(c) If he tries to contact her
(d) If he has been to prison before

3. When Ms. Rain tells the girls to write fantasies about their lives, what does Precious fantasize about?
(a) Being famous
(b) Having a lot of money
(c) Living in Manhattan
(d) Being a virgin

4. In Chapter 4, what does Precious wonder about Carl when she thinks about her first baby?
(a) What he told people when they saw Precious was pregnant
(b) If he knew about the pregnancy
(c) If he loved the baby
(d) Why no one put him in jail

5. What does Precious' file suggest she should look into pursuing?
(a) Teaching
(b) Law
(c) Being a home attendant
(d) Therapy

6. What support group does Rita want Precious to join?
(a) AID for AIDS
(b) HIV Help
(c) Body Positive
(d) A Woman's Body

7. What does Precious say about her assignment that is yet to be completed?
(a) She does not want to do it
(b) She has nothing to write about
(c) She does not have enough time to do it.
(d) She is still not confident enough in her reading and writing.

8. What is Precious worried about happening when Abdul turns one?
(a) Carl returning for his birthday
(b) Not being able to buy him presents
(c) Being kicked off aid
(d) Having him taken away

9. Who does Precious write a touching poem about?
(a) Little Mongo
(b) Abdul
(c) Mrs. Butter
(d) Her grandmother

10. What does Precious believe becoming a home attendant will prevent her from doing?
(a) Caring for Abdul and Little Mongo
(b) Getting over her abuse
(c) Making friends
(d) Finishing school

11. What does Precious ask Mary about Carl after Mary attends a counseling session with her?
(a) If he ever loved her
(b) If he was her real father
(c) If Mary still loves him
(d) If he is coming back

12. While at the temporary shelter Mrs. Butter suggested, who tells Precious to put her bag in bed with her?
(a) An old man
(b) The supervisor
(c) A drug addict
(d) A girl she knew from her previous school

13. At the end of Chapter 3, what does Precious do for the first time that she is then ashamed about?
(a) Hits Abdul
(b) Screams at Ms. Rain
(c) Insults one of her classmates
(d) Does not attend class

14. What does Precious tell Mrs. Butter once she finds her at the hospital?
(a) Her mother is insane
(b) She has been raped
(c) She wants Mrs. Butter to take Abdul
(d) She wants to live with her grandmother

15. What has Precious not completed that each girl in the class is required to do?
(a) Pass the G.E.D. test
(b) Complete all homework assignments
(c) Write her life story
(d) Get an A on a test

Short Answer Questions

1. What is Precious unsure about in terms of her future relationships?

2. What does Mary tell Precious she may do if she wants to after they attend a counseling session together?

3. What does Ms. Rain suggest that Precious do after she has given birth to Abdul?

4. What does Precious' grandmother say when she visits Precious at the hospital?

5. What does Precious talk about in the letter she writes to Ms. Rain at the hospital?

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