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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What results from the encounters that begin happening to Precious in second grade?
(a) She becomes more independent
(b) She gains weight
(c) She is more driven to learn
(d) She adopts a chronic cough

2. Who does Precious' first baby, Little Mongo, live with?
(a) A foster family
(b) Precious' grandmother
(c) Precious
(d) Little Mongo was adopted

3. What does Precious do when she orders chicken and the girl goes to the back for the fries?
(a) Eats all of the chicken
(b) Asks people for change
(c) Runs out
(d) Counts how much money she has

4. What does the secretary at the Alternative School need from Precious to see if she is eligible for the program?
(a) An admission fee
(b) Her previous school records
(c) Her mother's budget
(d) Her social security card

5. When does Precious start writing her story?
(a) September 30, 1988
(b) September 25, 1989
(c) September 24, 1987
(d) September 20, 1986

6. What does Precious wonder about her second baby?
(a) If the baby will be retarded
(b) If the baby will be safe from her father
(c) If the baby will like her
(d) If the baby will look like her father

7. How old is Precious when she leaves school to have her daughter?
(a) 13
(b) 15
(c) 12
(d) 14

8. Why is Mrs. Lichenstein at Precious' house when time returns to the present in Chapter 1?
(a) She wants Precious to return her books
(b) She wants to press charges against Precious
(c) She wants to discuss Precious' education
(d) She wants Precious' parents arrested

9. Why does Precious yell at her math teacher, Mr. Wicher?
(a) She cannot write her own name on the board
(b) He berates her for not doing her homework
(c) He singles her out in front of the class
(d) She does not know what the number 122 looks like

10. When did Precious' mother notice that Precious was pregnant with her first baby?
(a) When Precious began getting morning sickness
(b) When Precious had her baby
(c) When Precious was nine months pregnant
(d) When Precious finally told her

11. What name does Precious tell Mrs. Butter is the name of her baby?
(a) The same name as her father
(b) A boy's from school
(c) A name she heard on TV
(d) Her grandfather's name

12. What does Precious wonder about after her mother takes her back home?
(a) What she will name her baby
(b) If her mother will make her get rid of the baby
(c) If she acted irrationally toward Mrs. Lichenstein
(d) When she had her first baby

13. Why does Mr. Wicher like Precious?
(a) She is the top student in his class
(b) She turns in her homework on time
(c) She yells at other students when they are unruly
(d) She is well behaved

14. Why is Precious almost late for her first day of school at the Alternative School?
(a) She stays in bed daydreaming
(b) She is bullied on her way to school
(c) Her mother beats her before she can leave
(d) She takes a long shower

15. What book does Ms. Rain help Precious read through?
(a) A Day at the Beach
(b) Madeline
(c) Goodnight, Moon
(d) Cat in the Hat

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Precious' mother do when she finds out about Precious' first pregnancy?

2. What does Precious leave on the counter of the fast food restaurant?

3. What does Precious nickname the black nurse at the hospital?

4. Who loans Precious money for lunch, causing her to cry?

5. Why does Precious claim the students listen to her?

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