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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Where does Mrs. Butter tell Precious her baby is?
(a) Intensive care
(b) Operating Room
(c) Child services
(d) With her mother

2. Why is Mrs. Lichenstein at Precious' house when time returns to the present in Chapter 1?
(a) She wants Precious' parents arrested
(b) She wants Precious to return her books
(c) She wants to press charges against Precious
(d) She wants to discuss Precious' education

3. What book does Ms. Rain help Precious read through?
(a) Cat in the Hat
(b) Goodnight, Moon
(c) Madeline
(d) A Day at the Beach

4. What does Precious promise her unborn baby as she speaks to it?
(a) To keep the baby safe
(b) To teach the baby how to read
(c) To send the baby to a good school
(d) To be a better mom than Mary

5. What is Precious nervous about when she enters the classroom on her first day at the Alternative School?
(a) If the kids will taunt her
(b) If the teacher will berate her for being late
(c) If the other kids are smarter than her
(d) If she will pee her pants

6. Who does Precious' first baby, Little Mongo, live with?
(a) Little Mongo was adopted
(b) Precious
(c) Precious' grandmother
(d) A foster family

7. What subject did Precious once receive an A in?
(a) English
(b) Home Ec
(c) Math
(d) History

8. When was Precious born?
(a) November 10, 1971
(b) November 11, 1972
(c) November 5, 1973
(d) November 4, 1970

9. What does Precious nickname the black nurse at the hospital?
(a) Mrs. Muffin
(b) Mrs. Pepper
(c) Mrs. Butter
(d) Mrs. Angel

10. What does Precious wonder about after her mother takes her back home?
(a) If she acted irrationally toward Mrs. Lichenstein
(b) What she will name her baby
(c) If her mother will make her get rid of the baby
(d) When she had her first baby

11. When does Precious start writing her story?
(a) September 30, 1988
(b) September 20, 1986
(c) September 25, 1989
(d) September 24, 1987

12. What is revealed about Precious' first baby when she flashes back to the memory of having her?
(a) That the baby has Down syndrome
(b) That the baby has a terminal illness
(c) That Precious' father was not the real father
(d) Nothing. The baby is fine

13. How does Precious know she weighs more than two hundred pounds?
(a) The doctor told her earlier
(b) Her mother always comments on her weight
(c) Her home scale only goes to two hundred
(d) She has been eating a lot due to the pregnancy

14. What begins to happen to Precious in second grade?
(a) She starts to make friends
(b) Her mother begins beating her
(c) She starts being molested
(d) She starts learning how to read

15. What does Mrs. Lichenstein talk about with Precious in her office?
(a) Her misbehavior in class
(b) Her second pregnancy at age sixteen
(c) Her relationship with Mr. Wicher
(d) Her dysfunctional home life

Short Answer Questions

1. Who claims to be in the wrong class and not illiterate?

2. What does Jo Ann have that belongs to Precious?

3. What is the welfare office doing that Mary is upset about?

4. Who does Precious claim she feels like?

5. How many classmates does Precious have in her class with Ms. Rain?

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