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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 4.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Where do Mrs. Butter and the other nurses send Precious after she comes back to the hospital?
(a) An orphanage
(b) The trauma room
(c) The police
(d) The armory

2. What has Precious not completed that each girl in the class is required to do?
(a) Write her life story
(b) Pass the G.E.D. test
(c) Get an A on a test
(d) Complete all homework assignments

3. What is revealed about Precious' first baby when she flashes back to the memory of having her?
(a) That Precious' father was not the real father
(b) That the baby has a terminal illness
(c) Nothing. The baby is fine
(d) That the baby has Down syndrome

4. Where is Rhonda from?
(a) Jamaica
(b) Haiti
(c) Puerto Rico
(d) El Salvador

5. Who does Mrs. Lichenstein want Precious to visit at the Higher Education Alternative/Each One Teach One?
(a) Ms. McKnight
(b) A trauma specialist
(c) A young girl with a similar background
(d) Ms. Applebee

Short Answer Questions

1. When does Precious start writing her story?

2. What does Precious not want Ms. Rain to see?

3. What does Ms. Rain tell the girls that they can call her?

4. What does Precious shove into tinfoil before leaving her house?

5. When did Precious' mother notice that Precious was pregnant with her first baby?

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