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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 2.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How does Precious think Farrakhan would explain why her father raped her?
(a) He is uneducated and does not know better
(b) He felt he had the right to as her father
(c) He was also sexually abused as a child
(d) Her father was oppressed by white men

2. Where is Rhonda from?
(a) Haiti
(b) Jamaica
(c) El Salvador
(d) Puerto Rico

3. What does Precious wonder about after her mother takes her back home?
(a) If her mother will make her get rid of the baby
(b) What she will name her baby
(c) If she acted irrationally toward Mrs. Lichenstein
(d) When she had her first baby

4. What does the principal tell Precious' teacher in second grade who tries to help her?
(a) To focus on the kids that can learn
(b) To have a conference with Precious' parents
(c) To give Precious additional lessons
(d) To make her sit in the back

5. What is the only thing Precious likes about being pregnant?
(a) She does not have to go to school
(b) Her mother and father leave her alone
(c) Men do not make lewd comments to her
(d) Her mother is nicer to her

Short Answer Questions

1. Who does Precious' first baby, Little Mongo, live with?

2. What is one of the reasons why Precious was held back in the second grade?

3. What does Ms. Rain want the girls to do every day?

4. What results from the encounters that begin happening to Precious in second grade?

5. What is Precious' mother worried about when she hears Mrs. Lichenstein at the door?

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