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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 3.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. At the end of Chapter 3, what does Precious do for the first time that she is then ashamed about?
(a) Screams at Ms. Rain
(b) Hits Abdul
(c) Insults one of her classmates
(d) Does not attend class

2. What results from the encounters that begin happening to Precious in second grade?
(a) She adopts a chronic cough
(b) She gains weight
(c) She becomes more independent
(d) She is more driven to learn

3. Who does Precious consider a "God" after she is taken to the hospital and has her baby?
(a) Her mother
(b) Her father
(c) The neighbor
(d) The Spanish man

4. What is Precious nervous about when she enters the classroom on her first day at the Alternative School?
(a) If the kids will taunt her
(b) If the teacher will berate her for being late
(c) If she will pee her pants
(d) If the other kids are smarter than her

5. What do the girls learn as a group at the Alternative School?
(a) The alphabet
(b) Addition and subtraction
(c) The Pledge of Allegiance
(d) How to write their names

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Ms. Rain tell Precious in response to Precious saying Abdul is everything?

2. What does Precious say about her assignment that is yet to be completed?

3. What does Ms. Rain ask the girls to do that terrifies Precious?

4. When time jumps back to when Precious is sixteen in Chapter 1, what is she doing?

5. Who does Precious claim she feels like?

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