Push Character Descriptions

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Character Descriptions

Precious/Claireece Precious Jones - This character is sexually abused numerous times.

Mary L. Johnston - This character is remorseless and delusional about the abuse that occurs.

Carl Kenwood James - This character leaves the narrative for a period of time due to remorse for past misdeeds.

Ms. Rain/Miz Rain - This character is devoted to helping troubled young women within the education system.

Abdul - This character is indicative of everything wrong in the main character's life.

Mr. Wicher - This character teaches math.

Sondra Lichenstein - This character is the teacher who suspends the main character.

Ms. McKnight - This character is a teacher at Higher Education Alternative/Each One Teach One.

Farrakhan - This character is criticized for being a racist and homophobe.

Little Mongo - This character has Down syndrome.

Jo Ann - This character is considered the class clown at Higher...

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