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Chapter 1

• Claireece Precious Jones is sixteen at the book's opening and should be a junior in high school, but is a ninth grader.

• Precious was held back in the second grade for not being able to read and left school when she was twelve to have a baby.

• Precious' baby has Down's Syndrome and the baby was fathered by Precious' father Carl, who has been raping Precious since she was in the second grade.

• Precious begins her story on September 24, 1987 while she is on her way to Mr. Wicher's math class.

• Precious likes her teacher, but yells at him because he asks her to open her book to page 122 when she cannot read.

• Precious sits in the back of the class without talking and yells at other students who are out of line.

• The students respect Precious because she is over two hundred pounds and they are scared...

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