Pudd'nhead Wilson Short Essay - Answer Key

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1. Who is the most prominent person in Dawson's Landing?

Judge Driscoll is the most prominent and wealthy person in Dawson's Landing.

2. Who lives with Judge Driscoll?

Judge Driscoll lives with his wife and his spinster sister. He does not have any children but always wanted some.

3. What happened to most of Judge Driscoll's nieces and nephews?

Judge Driscoll's little brother Percy had many children, but they all died in childhood illnesses. He finally had one son that lived, but his wife died shortly after giving birth to him.

4. How does Wilson make a negative impression on the town?

When David Wilson first comes to town he makes a comment about wanting to own half of a dog so that he could make his part stop barking. This statement is confusing to the men who hear it, and they label him as unintelligent. He takes on the nick-name of Pudd'nhead Wilson, and it sticks.

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