Objects & Places from Pudd'nhead Wilson

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Cradle - Roxana is so afraid that her son will be sent down river that she exchanges him with the son of her master.

Indian Knife - Luigi uses this to kill a man attempting to steal it from them. Tom steals this but cannot sell it because the twins notify every pawn broker in the area.

Judge Driscoll's Will - Tom is cut out of this on several occasions because of his gambling debts and general dishonorable behavior.

Judge Driscoll's Cash Box - This is found undisturbed beside his body the night the owner of this object is killed, making the local law enforcement believe robbery was not a motive for the crime.

Women's Clothing - Tom uses this to disguise himself when he commits robberies.

Glass Slides - Pudd'nhead Wilson is in the habit of collecting people's fingerprints on these. Wilson uses this collection to...

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