Pudd'nhead Wilson Character Descriptions

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David Pudd'nhead Wilson - This character makes a comment about a dog that makes everyone believe he is unintelligent.

Thomas a' Becket Driscoll - This character is the only surviving child of a couple who has lost many children.

Roxana - This character is a slave, but she is only one eighth black, so she appears white.

Valet de Chambre - This character never learns to read or write and has the speech of a man who grew up in the slave quarters. He is kind and generous.

Judge Driscoll - This character is a wealthy man who never had children of his own and adopts a boy who does not complete college and has a gambling problem.

Percy Driscoll - This character is a business man who spends most of his son's childhood trying to secure a land deal that has become complicated by a lawsuit...

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