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Lester Bangs
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. The essay "Johnny Ray's Better _______" is a review of a David Bowie concert.
(a) Whirlpool.
(b) Cesspool.
(c) River.
(d) Ocean.

2. Bangs suggests that the music of ______ was a natural reaction to the chaos of the late 1960s.
(a) The Black Crows.
(b) The Yardbirds.
(c) The Animals.
(d) The Stooges.

3. Bangs describes the fact that Iggy Pop transitioned from an imitation of______ on the last album to a more refined and unique form.
(a) Lou Reed.
(b) Paul McCartney.
(c) Robert Plant.
(d) Mick Jagger.

4. According to Bangs, groups should have resisted the urge to become arty and developed the free style used by _____ musicians.
(a) Rock.
(b) Blues.
(c) Jazz.
(d) Classical.

5. The article "My Night of Ecstasy With the J. Geils Band" talks about Bangs and the staff of ______ trying to figure out how to cover the J. Geils show.
(a) Heavy Metal.
(b) The Rolling Stone.
(c) Creem.
(d) The Cream.

6. Bangs suggests that the song ______ forced listeners to go out and live life instead of just being passive.
(a) I Just Sing.
(b) Give it to me.
(c) T.V. Eye.
(d) Wild Thing.

7. The song _______ is listed on the first half of the Stooges second album which Bangs describes as the better half of the album.
(a) Carburetor Dung.
(b) L.A. Blues.
(c) Velvet Underground.
(d) T.V. Eye.

8. In the second section of the essay, Bangs suggests that some bands turned from simplistic rock into arty bands, including all of the following except ______.
(a) Led Zeppelin.
(b) The Mysterians.
(c) Question Mark.
(d) The Yardbirds.

9. The band known as the Troggs were responsible for the smash hit ______.
(a) L.A. Blues.
(b) Wild Thing.
(c) T.V. Eye.
(d) Marked for Death.

10. Bangs felt that the Baby Boomer generation was ______, believing their every act was of great importance.
(a) Chauvinistic.
(b) Narcissistic.
(c) Antisocial.
(d) Philanthropic.

11. Bangs argues that in order to make rock and roll good again, musicians have to stop trying to respect ______ styles.
(a) Blues.
(b) Older.
(c) Younger.
(d) Jazz.

12. Clark believes that _____ rock, which Bangs refers to as fag-rock, is mostly just to shock people.
(a) Hard.
(b) Pop.
(c) Bubblegum.
(d) Glam.

13. The opening acts for David Bowie's concert included such names as Ava Cherrt and _______.
(a) Stevie Wonder.
(b) Herbie Hancock.
(c) Luther Vandross.
(d) Art Tatum.

14. Bangs finds the lyrics on Jethro Tull's new album "Thick as a _____" to be self -righteous.
(a) Slab.
(b) Block.
(c) Brick.
(d) Stick.

15. The essay titled "____ Witch" recommends the album because the band are all sexually frustrated "dorks".
(a) White.
(b) Purple.
(c) Green.
(d) Black.

Short Answer Questions

1. Bangs concludes the essay by suggesting that ______ are making jokes to their listeners that play off all of their darkest fears and fantasies.

2. Bangs admires the Troggs for making innocent _____ songs as well as incredibly sexual music.

3. _______ claims that they are one of the first truly German bands since World War II.

4. Bangs argues that "Keep the Faith" could be used to make people immune from _____ torture and brainwashing.

5. Bangs begins the essay "John Coltrane Lives" by describing a recent practice session with his band and discovering a _______ in the apartment, reminding him of Coltrane.

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