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Lester Bangs
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Blowing It Up, Part Two.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. The Yardbirds were a British Band that launched the musical careers of all of the following guitarists except ______.
(a) Jeff Beck.
(b) Jimmy Page.
(c) Neil Young.
(d) Eric Clapton.

2. Bangs suggests that the song called ______ by the Troggs is about a countdown towards sexual penetration.
(a) I Just Sing.
(b) Wild Thing.
(c) 8675309.
(d) 66-5-4-3-2-1.

3. Critic Jon Landau dismisses Bangs for his reviews and for his magazine _______ for giving similar albums positive reviews.
(a) L.A. Blues.
(b) Creem.
(c) Rolling Stone.
(d) Astral Weeks.

4. Bangs suggests that _____ is a dangerous thing because it makes people vulnerable to the universal pain of life.
(a) Love.
(b) Poetry.
(c) Marijuana.
(d) Music.

5. The band known as the Troggs derived their name from the word ______ which means "cavemen".
(a) Trogosphere.
(b) Trogopithecus.
(c) Troggers.
(d) Troglodyte.

Short Answer Questions

1. Bands describes some of his adolescent ______ exploits as a form of tribute to the power of the Troggs' music.

2. Bangs felt that the Baby Boomer generation was ______, believing their every act was of great importance.

3. Bangs also claims that the Troggs got their name from a group of ______ youth who were living in caves at the time of the band's formation.

4. Bangs describes the fact that Iggy Pop transitioned from an imitation of______ on the last album to a more refined and unique form.

5. The narrator agonizes over buying Count Five's record _____ because it is mediocre but he eventually comes to love it.

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