Objects & Places from Psychotic Reactions and Carburetor Dung

Lester Bangs
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Object Descriptions

New York City - This is where Bangs lives for most of the latter part of the book and where a large chunk of his interviews take place.

Southern California - This area is where Bangs grew up and lives for much of the early part of the book.

Detroit - This city is where Bangs during the middle of the book. It is also where many garage rock bands like the Stooges first got their start and Bangs believes it to be a musical mecca.

CBGB - This is the legendary New York City club where most of the original punk and New Wave like Richard Hell and the Voidoids bangs first performed.

Olympia Stadium - This place is located in Detroit and is the location of a Barry White concert Bangs attended.

Michigan Palace - This is a venue in Detroit where Iggy Pop and...

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