Daily Lessons for Teaching Psychotic Reactions and Carburetor Dung

Lester Bangs
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Lesson 1 (from Two Testaments)


While Bangs is a music critic, he doesn't limit his writing to only music and the music scene. He also talks about himself and about his life. Today's objective is to discuss why students think about the idea of motivation when writing. Is there a particular motivation everyone should have?


1. Have each student define the idea of motivation.

2. In smaller groups, have students discuss whether they think every writer writes about themselves at one point or another.

3. As a class, have the students discuss the power of writing about what you know or about yourself. Does a writer who writes from their own perspective limit or expand the writing they have to share with their audience? How can using one's own experiences hurt writing?

4. Homework: Have each student decide whether they think they could keep their opinions of life out of their writing.

5. Homework: Have...

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