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Elizabeth Wurtzel
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Archer is so flawlessly handsome that he actually seems ______________.
(a) Ugly.
(b) Fake.
(c) Sterile.
(d) Evil.

2. How much time passes before Elizabeth and Rafe talk again?
(a) Two weeks.
(b) Two days.
(c) Two months.
(d) Two years.

3. What makes him very different from Rafe?
(a) He hates her depressive episodes.
(b) He is at her house all the time.
(c) He is an orphan.
(d) He is obsessed with her.

4. Why does Elizabeth agree to go to Stillman again?
(a) She has a crush on a guy there.
(b) She thinks it's the only place that makes her happy.
(c) She's too tired to do anything else.
(d) Dr. Sterling has ordered it.

5. How does Elizabeth chose her doctor since she cannot have Dr. Saltenstahl?
(a) Dr. Saltenstahl recommends her.
(b) She is set up specifically for Harvard students only.
(c) She gets a consultation with a number of practitioners.
(d) Her mother has found a specialist for her.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who is Rhoda Koenig?

2. Who calls who?

3. What job does Elizabeth take at night while in Harvard?

4. What is the only way Elizabeth sleeps after leaving Rafe each weekend?

5. What does Elizabeth refuse to do now?

Short Essay Questions

1. How do Manuel and Elizabeth finally get together?

2. Elizabeth says if she had any purpose at all, what would she do in London?

3. How does Elizabeth react to her miscarriage afterwards?

4. Why does Elizabeth finally learn her diagnosis now?

5. How does Elizabeth describe the difference between madness and depression in relation to literature?

6. Why is Elizabeth's mother disappointed in her when she comes to visit her in Dallas?

7. What does Elizabeth's mother think Elizabeth should do to get better? What does Dr. Sterling suggest instead and why?

8. Why does Dr. Sterling give Elizabeth Mellaril, the antipsychotic known to help schizophrenics?

9. What about the Dallas music industry surprises Elizabeth when she arrives?

10. What does Elizabeth believe one of the terrible fallacies of contemporary psychotherapy is?

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