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David Auburn
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Hal have to give to Robert?
(a) A book he borrowed back before Robert's illness.
(b) A get well soon card.
(c) A manila envelope containing a rough draft of his thesis.
(d) An invitation to a party where his band is playing.

2. What does Robert ask Catherine to do?
(a) He asks her to move back home.
(b) He asks her to work with him.
(c) He asks her to stay out of his research.
(d) He asks her to leave him alone.

3. Where does Catherine reveal she is going to school?
(a) The University of Chicago.
(b) The University of San Diego.
(c) Northwestern.
(d) New York University.

4. What is she paying for tuition?
(a) She is paying half, and the other half is paid by scholarships.
(b) She is paying three-quarters, and the rest is a combination of scholarships and loans.
(c) Nothing; she is getting a free ride.
(d) She is paying full tuition, and has worked out a payment plan.

5. What was Robert secretly terrified of, in regards to his career?
(a) He was afraid that Hal would rise up and steal his glory.
(b) He was afraid that Catherine would get credit for his ideas.
(c) He was afraid that he would never get a break from work.
(d) He was afraid that he would never work again.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why is Hal huffy when Claire guesses why he has come to the house?

2. Why does Claire resent mathematicians?

3. What does Catherine ask Robert to do, after he shows her his latest ideas in the notebook?

4. Does Hal go with them to dinner?

5. Whose handwriting does Claire think the proof is written in?

Short Essay Questions

1. How do Robert's feelings differ between Catherine and Claire?

2. What do Robert and Catherine decide to do for dinner?

3. What is Robert examining in the proof?

4. Why was Hal the first person to whom Catherine showed the proof?

5. Describe Robert's demeanor throughout the scene.

6. How does Catherine react when Claire and Hal do not believe her?

7. Why has Hal come back to the house after the fight?

8. Describe why Claire allows Hal to take the notebook.

9. What decision has Catherine made about school?

10. Why or why not does Catherine want to attend the University of Chicago?

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