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David Auburn
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Claire think of Hal when Catherine first tries to explain the events of the previous night?
(a) She thinks Catherine may have imagined him.
(b) She thinks Catherine may be in a fight with him.
(c) She thinks Hal is a delinquent.
(d) She thinks Hal sounds lovely, and hopes Catherine will want to have a double wedding.

2. Why did Claire stay up so late?
(a) She was working on a very important paper.
(b) She was arguing with Catherine.
(c) She got caught with the physicists, and all her friends went home.
(d) She could not sleep.

3. Why is Catherine upset with Claire at the end of Scene 2?
(a) She is jealous that Claire is getting married.
(b) She resents Claire swooping in and trying to take care of her.
(c) She is angry that Claire has borrowed her clothes.
(d) She despises the coffee that Claire has made.

4. Who is Sophie Germain?
(a) A woman who published great mathematical works under a pseudonym during the French Revolution.
(b) A woman Catherine previously thought was her mother.
(c) A woman whose husband stole her ideas and published her work under his name.
(d) A woman who teaches at the University of Chicago and was very close to Robert.

5. What has become Claire's fiance's new hobby?
(a) Model airplane making.
(b) Miniature ship building.
(c) Cooking.
(d) Knitting.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Hal do after Catherine quotes Gauss' letter to Sophie Germain?

2. Why is Claire in town?

3. Besides apartments, what other facilities has Claire scouted for Catherine?

4. How do Catherine and Hal feel at the top of the scene?

5. How does Catherine treat the police officers?

Short Essay Questions

1. What is Catherine ultimately afraid of becoming?

2. Is Catherine happy about moving?

3. What is Hal's song Imaginary Number?

4. Is Claire treating Catherine well in the beginning of the scene?

5. Why is Robert so excited about working?

6. Where has Catherine come from to check on Robert?

7. Why does Hal rush in with excitement, looking for Catherine?

8. Why has Hal come to the house?

9. Did Hal intentionally take advantage of Catherine when they slept together?

10. Describe the general mood at the house after Robert's funeral.

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