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Short Answer Questions

1. How did Benton urge support for expansion to the West?

2. Why was John Quincey Adams generally unhappy?

3. What is Kennedy's third pressure that he feels is the most damaging?

4. What does Kennedy suggest prevents a lot of people from acting courageously?

5. What is the irony of Houston's defending the Northerner's rights to abolition?

Short Essay Questions

1. What courageous vote did Houston cast that was unpopular with his constituents in Texas?

2. What does fear have to do with being courageous?

3. How did Norris manage to stop the vote on the Armed Ship Bill?

4. What caused Houston to resign as governor of Tennessee and go live with the Indians?

5. What was an outstanding act of courage performed by Sen. John Tyler of Virginia?

6. How did Edmund G. Ross come to the U.S. Senate from Kansas?

7. What characteristics of the American democratic system does Kennedy point out that made his examples of courage possible?

8. What great stand did Webster take against the wishes of his abolitionist constituents?

9. Relate how Benton survived an attempt on his life by another senator.

10. Why was John Quincey Adams' relationship with Thomas Jefferson so strange?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Write a paper about a great example of political compromise in the history of the world. (You choose the topic.)

Essay Topic 2

Write a narrative about someone from your school who showed uncommon courage.

Essay Topic 3

Write an essay on why a person cannot be arrested and tried for something that was not identified as a crime when he or she did it.

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