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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How did Lamar view the free silver movement of 1877?
(a) He saw it as a depletion of the nation's silver.
(b) He was too ill to pay it much attention.
(c) He saw it as creating easy inflationary money.
(d) He supported it to help save Mississippi.

2. Why did Norris oppose the Armed Ship Bill when his state seemed to favor it?
(a) Norris believed it was a ploy to get the US into WWI without going through congress.
(b) He wanted to gain fame as the man who defied President Wilson.
(c) He thought it should really be a declaration of war.
(d) He thought the bill would prevent the US from declaring war on Germany.

3. What act of courage marked the Presidency of Robert A. Taft's father, William Howard Taft?
(a) Forecasting that America would go to war with Germany and Japan.
(b) Standing by his Secretary of the Interior against opposition from Pinchot and Roosevelt.
(c) Denouncing Woodrow Wilson for his mishandling of WWI.
(d) Pushing for more and more farm subsidies.

4. What famous American represented the Boston Massacre defendants in 1770?
(a) Paul Revere.
(b) John Adams.
(c) Charles Evans Hughes.
(d) Thomas Payne.

5. Who was the butcher of New Orleans who was the chief prosecutor in Johnson's impeachment trial?
(a) Gen. Ulysses S. Grant.
(b) Gen. Robert E. Lee.
(c) Gen William Tecumseh Sherman.
(d) Gen. Benjamin F. Butler.

Short Answer Questions

1. Which candidate did Norris support in the 1928 Presidential election?

2. Why did George Norris decide to go against his constituents and vote according to his conscience?

3. What was Lamar's main purpose in his political actions?

4. What Senator had to be carried into the Senate to cast his vote on Johnson's impeachment?

5. Why was Norris' candidate for President unpopular in 1928?

Short Essay Questions

1. What was the Armed Ship Bill and why did Norris oppose it?

2. What happened to Ross after the Johnson impeachment proceedings?

3. Why did Taft speak out against the Nuremberg trials of Nazi war leaders?

4. What was the result of Lamar's appointment to oversee the recount in the Hayes-Tilden presidential vote?

5. Why is Ross called the man who saved a president?

6. How did Norris manage to stop the vote on the Armed Ship Bill?

7. What difference does Kennedy see between breaking with a political party and breaking with a section?

8. What were Ross' feelings about the presidency that caused him to vote the way he did even though he opposed President Andrew Johnson?

9. Why was it courageous of Norris to support Al Smith for President?

10. How did the Senate Republicans feel about Ross when he first came to Congress?

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