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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Prior to the Civil War, what notable action did Lamar undertake with Jefferson Davis?
(a) Writing the Articles of Confederation.
(b) Walking out of the Democratic Convention.
(c) Speaking out against secession.
(d) Designing the Confederate flag.

2. How had President Johnson come to power?
(a) He had President Lincoln assassinated.
(b) He was appointed by Congress.
(c) He was popularly elected President by the people.
(d) He succeeded Lincoln after the assassination.

3. What famous piece of legislation bears Robert A. Taft's name?
(a) The Taft Welfare Act.
(b) The Taft-Hartley Act.
(c) The Taft Health Plan.
(d) The Taft Education Manifesto.

4. How did Norris attack Joe Cannon's power?
(a) Impeachment threats against the Speaker of the House.
(b) A resolution requiring the entire House to study and amend a resolution, rather than just allow the Speaker to appoint a committee.
(c) Press conferences informing the public of Cannon's abuse of power.
(d) Filibusters on every issue that Cannon favored.

5. What character traits did Henry Adams consider that Lamar possessed above all others?
(a) Tact and humor.
(b) Amiability and aimlessness.
(c) Stubbornness and greed.
(d) Envy and averace.

Short Answer Questions

1. What Senator had to be carried into the Senate to cast his vote on Johnson's impeachment?

2. What benefit did Norris fight for to aid the people of Tennessee Valley?

3. Why was Norris' candidate for President unpopular in 1928?

4. Which courageous Senator refused to support the expunging of some of Jackson's military activities?

5. To whom was Ross compared in a Kansas newspaper editorial?

Short Essay Questions

1. How did the Senate Republicans feel about Ross when he first came to Congress?

2. How did Edmund G. Ross come to the U.S. Senate from Kansas?

3. What was the downfall of Sen. Oscar W. Underwood of Alabama?

4. What difference does Kennedy see between breaking with a political party and breaking with a section?

5. What was Sen. Robert A. Taft's unrealized political ambition throughout his career?

6. What was the reaction of the Democrats to Taft's public statements?

7. How did Norris manage to stop the vote on the Armed Ship Bill?

8. What was Norris' working knowledge of both poverty and war?

9. What were Ross' feelings about the presidency that caused him to vote the way he did even though he opposed President Andrew Johnson?

10. How was Lamar able to win back the support of the people of Mississippi?

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