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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. In PROFILES IN COURAGE, what does John F. Kennedy fear the American public has forgotten?
(a) Where to look for courage in a politician.
(b) What courage actually is.
(c) The basic principles our country was founded on.
(d) How to tell if a man is honest.

2. What did the historian Wharton say about Houston's courage as he fought against Texas' secession from the Union?
(a) It took a thousand times more courage than charging up the hill at San Jacinto.
(b) Houston finally lost his courage and gave in to popular opinion.
(c) No one paid any attention as Houston entered the Secessionist Convention.
(d) He relapsed into alcoholism and went back to the Cherokee.

3. When Houston ran away from home in his childhood, where did he go?
(a) To sea.
(b) To Texas.
(c) To his grandfather.
(d) To live with the Cherokee.

4. What effect did Webster's three-hour-long speech in the Senate have in 1850?
(a) It helped hold off the Civil War for a good ten years.
(b) It made many political allies for Webster.
(c) It gave the South the idea of secession.
(d) It rallied the North to declare war on the South.

5. What was Webster's justification for accepting political gifts and money?
(a) He considered them gifts from God and from voters or constituents who Webster believed were created in God's image.
(b) He shared the gifts with other Senators and Congressmen.
(c) He published his gifts in the newspaper.
(d) He used everything he collected for his favorite charities.

Short Answer Questions

1. What trait of Adams ultimately caused him to suffer great disappointments?

2. Kennedy sees as a weakness in John Quincey Adams an emotional attachment to whom?

3. What metaphor does Kennedy use to describe the relationship between the elected official and the electorate?

4. Where did Benton say he's rather see the Democratic Party rather than give one inch to Mr. Van Buren?

5. How does Kennedy assess the failure of both Adams presidencies to produce second terms?

Short Essay Questions

1. What surprising victory did Houston win after being dismissed from the Senate?

2. What was the Armed Ship Bill and why did Norris oppose it?

3. What were Ross' feelings about the presidency that caused him to vote the way he did even though he opposed President Andrew Johnson?

4. How was Lamar able to win back the support of the people of Mississippi?

5. What immediate reaction came from Gov. Dewey of New York after Taft opposed the Nazi war crimes trials?

6. Aside from being Senator from Massachusetts, what was Daniel Webster known for?

7. Relate how Benton survived an attempt on his life by another senator.

8. What difference does Kennedy see between breaking with a political party and breaking with a section?

9. What was wrong with the situation under the lead of Czar Cannon in the House?

10. How did Norris manage to stop the vote on the Armed Ship Bill?

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