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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Where did Houston say he wanted it written that he loved his country, he was a patriot, and he was devoted to the Union.
(a) In the latest history books.
(b) On the face of the Texas capitol building.
(c) In the Dallas Herald.
(d) On his tombstone.

2. Who was the first son of a former president to become president of the U.S.?
(a) Thomas Alva Edison.
(b) John Quincey Adams.
(c) Geroge Washington Carver.
(d) Andrew Jefferson.

3. What is a constant that an elected official must understand?
(a) That once elected, the official is no longer responsible to the constituency.
(b) The media will not report anything the elected official does not want made public.
(c) He or she will never hear from the constituency until election day.
(d) He or she is under scrutiny by the constituency.

4. What does Kennedy identify as the second pressure that prevents courageous deeds by elected officials.
(a) The need to get re-elected.
(b) The need to publish a book.
(c) The need to travel the world.
(d) The need to get more education.

5. When Houston ran away from home in his childhood, where did he go?
(a) To live with the Cherokee.
(b) To Texas.
(c) To sea.
(d) To his grandfather.

Short Answer Questions

1. What trait of Adams ultimately caused him to suffer great disappointments?

2. In a speech, how did Houston justify his right to deliver an address in a Texas town where he had been turned away from the courthouse?

3. What was it about Benton that inspired the approval of his Missouri constituency?

4. What did the historian Wharton say about Houston's courage as he fought against Texas' secession from the Union?

5. What issue caused Benton finally to begin losing popularity in Missouri?

Short Essay Questions

1. How does the book reflect John Kennedy's admiration for certain former U.S. Senators?

2. What great stand did Webster take against the wishes of his abolitionist constituents?

3. Detail the important political positions held by Sam Houston.

4. What does Kennedy point out as interesting about letter John Quincey wrote at ages nine and forty-five?

5. Discus the results of Benton's not voting for the annexation of Texas.

6. What does Kennedy have to say about political organizations that have the time and resources to mount letter writing campaigns?

7. What was the irony of John Quincey's taking sides with Jefferson against his father?

8. Aside from being Senator from Massachusetts, what was Daniel Webster known for?

9. What personal weakness does Kennedy point out about John Quincey Adams?

10. If Webster's popularity was an asset, how does Kennedy point out that it was also a liability?

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