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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why did Houston define himself as an old fogy?
(a) Because, he said, I have been around far too long and need to retire.
(b) Because, he said, he had been made a martyr for Texas.
(c) Because, he said, I don't always practice what I preach.
(d) Because, he said, I cling devotedly to the principles upon which our government was founded.

2. John Quincey Adams' mother was fond of saying John had been groomed to do what?
(a) Become Chief Justice of the Supreme Court.
(b) Become a Puritan minister.
(c) Uphold the American legal system.
(d) Write great books.

3. What did the historian Wharton say about Houston's courage as he fought against Texas' secession from the Union?
(a) No one paid any attention as Houston entered the Secessionist Convention.
(b) He relapsed into alcoholism and went back to the Cherokee.
(c) It took a thousand times more courage than charging up the hill at San Jacinto.
(d) Houston finally lost his courage and gave in to popular opinion.

4. Why was John Quincey Adams generally unhappy?
(a) He never couold live up to his mother's expectations.
(b) He never felt he had accomplished enough.
(c) He never married his childhood sweetheart.
(d) He never traveled abroad.

5. What is another difficult situation for an elected official besides the interests of the nation and those of the constituency?
(a) Political differences within the official's own family.
(b) National opinion polls.
(c) Presidential arm twisting.
(d) Party pressure to vote the party line.

6. Why was it considered a contradiction when Houston supported temperance?
(a) He owned a brewery.
(b) He made his money in rum running.
(c) He was a heavy drinker.
(d) His political supporters opposed temperance.

7. How was Benton's behavior different when he was with his family from when he was involved in politics?
(a) He held his family by fear.
(b) He hid his wife's mental illness from the public.
(c) He was easy on political opponents and harsh on his family.
(d) He was always warm and gentle around his family.

8. Why did Thomas Hart Benton get the nickname of Old Bullion?
(a) His gold plated sign on his office door.
(b) His advocacy for hard currency.
(c) His greed for money.
(d) His silver mines in Missouri.

9. What well-known military leader had Houston served under?
(a) Andrew Jackson.
(b) Robert E. Lee.
(c) Ulysses S. Grant.
(d) George Washington.

10. What was Daniel Webster known for during his lifetime?
(a) As a politician who opposed any kind of compromise.
(b) As a squeaky voiced speaker.
(c) As a writer of fiction.
(d) As a particularly eloquent speaker.

11. Whom did the Adams family say that the magistrate must serve?
(a) His god.
(b) His party.
(c) His family.
(d) His people.

12. What questionable arrangement kept Webster in the Senate when he was about to resign?
(a) Webster lied under oath in a Senate hearing.
(b) Webster was offered a bfribe which he nearly accepted.
(c) Businesses who benefited from his help paid off his debts so he could remain in the senate.
(d) Webster appointed his relatives to Senate jobs.

13. What trait of Adams ultimately caused him to suffer great disappointments?
(a) His ability to manipulate his father.
(b) His superior attitude toward other politician.
(c) His uncompromising religion.
(d) His willingness to change positions when expedient.

14. What made Sam Houston a household word in the United States?
(a) He ran for president in 1856 but did not win the Democratic nomination.
(b) He was a greater orator than Daniel Webster.
(c) He was leader of the Texas forces that defeated Mexico at the battle of San Jacinto.
(d) He became known for the Houston knife he invented.

15. In addition to being the first Senator from Missouri, what other first did Benton achieve?
(a) First Senator to serve 30 years in the Senate.
(b) First politician to have a duel.
(c) First politician to support Martin Van Buren.
(d) First Senator to change political parties.

Short Answer Questions

1. When Houston ran away from home in his childhood, where did he go?

2. What act of inconsistency brought his Missouri constituents to brand him a traitor?

3. What advantage do minority special interest groups have to influence elected officials?

4. Where did Houston say he wanted it written that he loved his country, he was a patriot, and he was devoted to the Union.

5. What Senator pulled a gun on Benton once?

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