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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. In a speech, how did Houston justify his right to deliver an address in a Texas town where he had been turned away from the courthouse?
(a) He said he had authorized the funds to build that courthouse.
(b) He said he had watered Texas soil with his blood.
(c) He said he was the greatest general Texas ever had.
(d) He said he paid his taxes regularly.

2. What issue caused Benton finally to begin losing popularity in Missouri?
(a) The Missouri voters became ashamed of Benton's rough behavior.
(b) The Missouri voters felt allied to the South but Benton supported the Union.
(c) Benton had too many duels.
(d) Benton refused to own slaves.

3. What metaphor does Kennedy use to describe the relationship between the elected official and the electorate?
(a) A father-child relationship.
(b) A doctor-patient relationship.
(c) A lawyer-client relationship.
(d) A coach-team relationship.

4. John Quincey Adams' mother was fond of saying John had been groomed to do what?
(a) Uphold the American legal system.
(b) Become Chief Justice of the Supreme Court.
(c) Become a Puritan minister.
(d) Write great books.

5. How does Kennedy assess the failure of both Adams presidencies to produce second terms?
(a) Personalities that clased with everyone not of their religion.
(b) Poor choices for their cabinet members.
(c) Unwillingness to campaign for a second term in office.
(d) An unwillingness to compromise on mundane matters of politics.

6. What Senator pulled a gun on Benton once?
(a) Senator Henry Foote.
(b) Senator Aaron Burr.
(c) Senator Martin VanBuren.
(d) Senator William Cooper.

7. After Houston's removal from the Senate, what office did he run for and win as an independent?
(a) Governor of Texas.
(b) Attorney General of Texas.
(c) House of Representatives.
(d) Senator from Tennessee.

8. What effect did Webster's three-hour-long speech in the Senate have in 1850?
(a) It gave the South the idea of secession.
(b) It rallied the North to declare war on the South.
(c) It made many political allies for Webster.
(d) It helped hold off the Civil War for a good ten years.

9. How did Webster's constituents view his stand on compromise with the slave states?
(a) It drew their wrath.
(b) They were proud of their native son.
(c) They thought he should run for President.
(d) They supported him wholeheartedly.

10. When Houston ran away from home in his childhood, where did he go?
(a) To his grandfather.
(b) To sea.
(c) To Texas.
(d) To live with the Cherokee.

11. What well-known military leader had Houston served under?
(a) George Washington.
(b) Robert E. Lee.
(c) Andrew Jackson.
(d) Ulysses S. Grant.

12. What is the first pressure of Americans that keeps them from acting courageously according to Kennedy?
(a) The need to raise campaign money.
(b) The need to be well liked.
(c) The need to be different from other politicians.
(d) The need to be right all the time.

13. What is an irony of Benton's opposition to the slave states?
(a) He opposed abolition.
(b) He owned slaves himself.
(c) He was a descendent of a slave.
(d) He refused to go against his own party.

14. What occurred during a duel that gave Benton a reputation as something of a thug?
(a) He had a sniper actually shoot the opponent.
(b) He rigged the other pistol so it wouldn't fire.
(c) He threw down his gun and beat the man with his fists.
(d) He killed a U. S. District Attorney.

15. What was the result of Webster's courageous stand in giving the Seventh of March speech?
(a) Webster sacrificed his potential presidential run and his popularity.
(b) Webster was honored by his constituents as a man of courage.
(c) Webster changed his position of slavery to agree with Clay.
(d) Webster would have become president but he died 2 years later.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who was the first son of a former president to become president of the U.S.?

2. Which of the following public offices did John Quincey Adams NOT hold?

3. Why was John Quincey Adams generally unhappy?

4. What advantage did John Quincey Adams have as a politician?

5. Where did Benton say he's rather see the Democratic Party rather than give one inch to Mr. Van Buren?

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