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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 11.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who suggested that Senators were vulgar demagogues?
(a) A cabinet member.
(b) A preacher.
(c) A reporter.
(d) An ambassador.

2. Who served as the Governor of Tennessee and later as Senator from the State of Texas?
(a) Henry Calhoun.
(b) Thomas Hart Benton.
(c) Sam Houston.
(d) Stephen A. Austin.

3. Which courageous Senator refused to support the expunging of some of Jackson's military activities?
(a) Sen. Andrew Johnson of Tennessee.
(b) Sen. Oscar Underwood of Alabama.
(c) Sen. Humphrey Marshall of Kentucky.
(d) Sen. John Tyler of Virginia.

4. What Senator pulled a gun on Benton once?
(a) Senator William Cooper.
(b) Senator Martin VanBuren.
(c) Senator Aaron Burr.
(d) Senator Henry Foote.

5. What does Kennedy identify as the personal tragedy and national greatness about Sen. Robert A. Taft?
(a) That he would always speak out in such a way that appeared to compromise his beliefs.
(b) That he got his party's nomination three times but never won a Presidential election.
(c) That he aspired to be President but his uncompromising sense of right prevented that from happening.
(d) That his father had been President but he had no such ambitions.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is another difficult situation for an elected official besides the interests of the nation and those of the constituency?

2. Besides the Texas territory which Benton opposed, what other one did he support against his party's stand?

3. What was the famous put down of historian T. B. Macaulay by Prime Minister Melborne?

4. What is an irony of Benton's opposition to the slave states?

5. What opinion did Taft share with Supreme Court Justice William O. Douglas?

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