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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 11.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. For what conflict does Kennedy feel the most empathy?
(a) The conflict of special interests versus constituency interests.
(b) The conflict of constituency interest versus national interests.
(c) The conflict between Congress and the Supreme Court.
(d) The conflict between political parties.

2. What was rumored to be the cause of Houston's breakdown and resigning as Governor of Tennessee?
(a) General Andrew Jackson called him for an important secret mission.
(b) He started drinking heavily and could not perform his duties.
(c) People were pressuring him to run for President of the Union but he did not want to.
(d) He discovered that his young bride had been forced to marry him even though she loved another.

3. In addition to being the first Senator from Missouri, what other first did Benton achieve?
(a) First Senator to serve 30 years in the Senate.
(b) First politician to support Martin Van Buren.
(c) First politician to have a duel.
(d) First Senator to change political parties.

4. Why was John Quincey Adams generally unhappy?
(a) He never couold live up to his mother's expectations.
(b) He never felt he had accomplished enough.
(c) He never married his childhood sweetheart.
(d) He never traveled abroad.

5. Who called Taft's speech against the Nazi war crimes trials a classic example of his muddled and confused thinking?
(a) Newspaper columnist David Lawrence.
(b) Former Nazi Franz Von Papen.
(c) Gov. Thomas E. Dewey of New York.
(d) Sen. Scott Lucas of Illinois.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Kennedy identify as the second pressure that prevents courageous deeds by elected officials.

2. What was Johnson's purpose as President that caused him problems with the Radical Republicans?

3. Which men of courage did Kennedy purposefully leave out of his book?

4. What Senator had to be carried into the Senate to cast his vote on Johnson's impeachment?

5. How does Kennedy characterize the difficult position of the elected official?

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