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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 11.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How did Lucius Lamar first run for Congress?
(a) As an independent.
(b) As a Radical Republican.
(c) As a pro-Unionist.
(d) As a secessionist.

2. What was Webster's justification for accepting political gifts and money?
(a) He used everything he collected for his favorite charities.
(b) He considered them gifts from God and from voters or constituents who Webster believed were created in God's image.
(c) He shared the gifts with other Senators and Congressmen.
(d) He published his gifts in the newspaper.

3. Why did Houston define himself as an old fogy?
(a) Because, he said, I cling devotedly to the principles upon which our government was founded.
(b) Because, he said, he had been made a martyr for Texas.
(c) Because, he said, I don't always practice what I preach.
(d) Because, he said, I have been around far too long and need to retire.

4. What action by Texas brought about the end of Houston's career?
(a) Secession from the Union and demanding a vow of loyalty to Texas as a member of the Confederacy..
(b) Seceeding from the Confederacy and impeaching Sam Houston.
(c) Voting to declare war on the North and sending troups and money to the Confederacy.
(d) Voting to return to its independent state as the Republic of Texas.

5. After Lamar toured Mississippi to discuss his reasons for voting the way he did, how did the people react?
(a) No one came out to hear the traitor.
(b) They changed their opposition to Lamar and supported him.
(c) They held rallies against him.
(d) They recalled him from Congress.

Short Answer Questions

1. In terms of service in office of both father and son, what similarity set them apart from presidents before and after them?

2. Who was the butcher of New Orleans who was the chief prosecutor in Johnson's impeachment trial?

3. What is the irony of Houston's defending the Northerner's rights to abolition?

4. Why did George Norris believe Big Business was urging the country into war?

5. What is ironic about Texas secession on March 2?

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