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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 2.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. For what conflict does Kennedy feel the most empathy?
(a) The conflict of special interests versus constituency interests.
(b) The conflict between Congress and the Supreme Court.
(c) The conflict of constituency interest versus national interests.
(d) The conflict between political parties.

2. What advantage do minority special interest groups have to influence elected officials?
(a) Being able to get medial coverage without a budget.
(b) Being articulate and able to sway the public.
(c) Not needing money to get their message across.
(d) Being watchdogs on everything the official does.

3. How did one reporter categorize elected officials?
(a) That they needed to be good public speakers.
(b) That they were gluttons for mental punishment.
(c) That people thought everything they said was untrue.
(d) That people elected them on their looks.

4. What does Kennedy suggest prevents a lot of people from acting courageously?
(a) Social and public pressures.
(b) Not enough education about courage.
(c) Averice and greed.
(d) Fear of the unknown.

5. What traits indicate that Adams suffered common human emotions?
(a) His hate and retribution against his enemies.
(b) Adams secret life of debauchery.
(c) Times of disappointment and hurt at loss of popularity.
(d) Lapses in his Puritanical beliefs.

Short Answer Questions

1. What was the dichotomy concerning John Quincey Adams' father?

2. What is the first pressure of Americans that keeps them from acting courageously according to Kennedy?

3. John Quincey Adams' mother was fond of saying John had been groomed to do what?

4. Which of the following public offices did John Quincey Adams NOT hold?

5. In spite of John Quincey Adams' clarity and political courage, what life-long need did he have?

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