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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 2.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What was the dichotomy concerning John Quincey Adams' father?
(a) Adams raised his son to always do as his father did regardless of what he thought personally.
(b) Adams was not religious but his son, John Quincey, was a devout Puritan.
(c) Adams was a stern father but a political liberal.
(d) Adams had raised his son to do what he believed to be right and that meant opposing his father.

2. Why was John Quincey Adams generally unhappy?
(a) He never felt he had accomplished enough.
(b) He never traveled abroad.
(c) He never couold live up to his mother's expectations.
(d) He never married his childhood sweetheart.

3. What trait of Adams ultimately caused him to suffer great disappointments?
(a) His ability to manipulate his father.
(b) His superior attitude toward other politician.
(c) His willingness to change positions when expedient.
(d) His uncompromising religion.

4. What is another difficult situation for an elected official besides the interests of the nation and those of the constituency?
(a) National opinion polls.
(b) Political differences within the official's own family.
(c) Party pressure to vote the party line.
(d) Presidential arm twisting.

5. What do the subject of PROFILES IN COURAGE all have in common?
(a) They were all Democrats.
(b) They were all Republicans.
(c) They all served as U. S. Senators.
(d) They all lost elections and then won them the next time.

Short Answer Questions

1. John Quincey Adams' mother was fond of saying John had been groomed to do what?

2. Who suggested that Senators were vulgar demagogues?

3. Besides appearing to be disloyal to his father when he aligned himself with Jefferson's politics, what other problem arose for John Quincey Adams?

4. According to Kennedy, what makes it difficult to recognize courageous acts when they do occur?

5. What does Kennedy suggest prevents a lot of people from acting courageously?

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