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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 2.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. In terms of service in office of both father and son, what similarity set them apart from presidents before and after them?
(a) Neither father nor son served out a full term in office.
(b) Neither father nor son served a second term in office.
(c) Both father and son served three terms in office.
(d) Both father and son served during wartime.

2. What metaphor does Kennedy use to describe the relationship between the elected official and the electorate?
(a) A coach-team relationship.
(b) A lawyer-client relationship.
(c) A doctor-patient relationship.
(d) A father-child relationship.

3. In PROFILES IN COURAGE, what does John F. Kennedy fear the American public has forgotten?
(a) What courage actually is.
(b) Where to look for courage in a politician.
(c) How to tell if a man is honest.
(d) The basic principles our country was founded on.

4. According to Kennedy, what makes it difficult to recognize courageous acts when they do occur?
(a) Media bias one way or the other.
(b) Business concerns and the competition for attention from the public.
(c) Self interest that only looks like courage.
(d) The secrecy of most courageous acts.

5. For what conflict does Kennedy feel the most empathy?
(a) The conflict between Congress and the Supreme Court.
(b) The conflict between political parties.
(c) The conflict of special interests versus constituency interests.
(d) The conflict of constituency interest versus national interests.

Short Answer Questions

1. How did one reporter categorize elected officials?

2. What is a constant that an elected official must understand?

3. How does Kennedy characterize the difficult position of the elected official?

4. What do the subject of PROFILES IN COURAGE all have in common?

5. What is a particular problem on occasion when the electorate presents a desire to the elected official?

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