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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 9.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What was the result of Webster's courageous stand in giving the Seventh of March speech?
(a) Webster was honored by his constituents as a man of courage.
(b) Webster changed his position of slavery to agree with Clay.
(c) Webster would have become president but he died 2 years later.
(d) Webster sacrificed his potential presidential run and his popularity.

2. How did Taft's candor cause him to lose his party's nomination for President?
(a) He did not always say exactly what he meant.
(b) His answers were always truthful and very often blunt.
(c) His candor caused him to be overly tactful.
(d) People thought you could not trust a man like that.

3. What was so strange about Henry Clay's enlisting Webster in his cause for compromise?
(a) Clay was a republican and Webster was an independent.
(b) Webster had given many speeches opposing Henry Clay.
(c) Clay had always opposed Webster in the Senate before.
(d) Clay was from the South and Webster was from the North.

4. To whom was Ross compared in a Kansas newspaper editorial?
(a) Benedict Arnold.
(b) Marc Anthony
(c) Thomas Payne.
(d) Judas Escariot

5. What measure did Henry Clay enlist Webster to help with?
(a) Clay's bid for re-election.
(b) The Great Compromise of 1850.
(c) Re-writing the Bill of Rights to include slavery.
(d) Speaches warning about Abraham Lincoln's political ambitions.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who was the butcher of New Orleans who was the chief prosecutor in Johnson's impeachment trial?

2. What memorable line did the Toledo BLADE print about Taft after he decried the Nuremberg trials?

3. Why was Ross targeted for surveillance and harassment before the Johnson trial.

4. Of the 54 Senator in Congress, how many were openly opposed to the impeachment?

5. What view did Webster take that made him unpopular with abolitionists?

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