Profiles in Courage Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

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Chapter 1

• Introduction to the idea of courage in politics

• Hemingway's definition of courage

• Cynicism instead of courage
• Fear that personal courage is no longer valued in our politicians

• Understanding the social and political pressures that make courage difficult
• The three pressures

• Need to be well liked

• The pressure of being re-elected

• Pressure when what is good for the constituency may not be good for the country

Chapter 2

• Background on John Quincey Adams

• Effect of Puritanism on Adams

• Adams' support of a presidential family
• Adams' lifelong insecurity, never thinking he was good enough

• His constant need of approval from his parents

• Abigail Adams' promotion of her son

• The many offices held by Adams
• Adams' decision to back Jefferson

• Courage to go against his father even though he needed his approval

Chapter 3

• Daniel Webster as a man of the nation

• Webster's ability as an orator

• Webster's belief that holding the...

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