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Short Answer Questions

1. How much of a discrepancy is there in Max's books for his last show?

2. What is the first piece of music heard in this show?

3. What is the subtitle of the play Max finds in act 1, scene 5?

4. Where does Leo go in act 1, scene 4?

5. Who answers the door at Roger's apartment in act 1, scene 7?

Short Essay Questions

1. How is Leo's neuroses shown in act 1, scene 2?

2. Who is Ulla?

3. What is significant about Ulla's entrance in act 2, scene 3?

4. Why does Roger end up playing Hitler?

5. Why are Max and Leo in shock in act 2, scene 5?

6. How do Max, Leo, and Franz get pardoned?

7. What is the point of having Franz talk to pigeons?

8. What are the first impressions given of Franz?

9. How does Act 1 end?

10. What is Franz's mission with his script?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

How is the author of this play able to use a musical such as Springtime for Hitler? Why is he able to make it funny? What are the intentions of the author in turning the musical within a musical into a joke?

Essay Topic 2

One comedy style used heavily in this play is parody. Because of Max and Leo's poor producing of Springtime for Hitler (already a terrible script) and Roger's flamboyant portrayal of Hitler, the audiences believe that the show is meant to be comical parody. Discuss how this misconception happened. Include the former points and take into account the time period the play is meant to be set in. Cite specific examples from the script to support your statements.

Essay Topic 3

Max's morality is called severely into question several times throughout the play. Focus on the little old ladies and his treatment of them. Make a case that Max is a bad person for how he used them or that he was in a morally gray area because he gives them whatever they want.

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