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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Roger do after the dance audition in act 2, scene 2?
(a) He asks Ulla to play Hitler.
(b) He trips one of the dancers who was flirting with Carmen.
(c) He casts the show immediately.
(d) He cuts a lot of singers right away.

2. What does Franz demonstrate to the singers and the producers in the audition in act 2, scene 2?
(a) His tone-deaf singing.
(b) His ability to speak without an accent.
(c) His strong, German-accented singing voice.
(d) His bigotry.

3. What does Max say is worse than being guilty in act 2, scene 7?
(a) Being around the little old ladies.
(b) Being left by Ulla.
(c) Being betrayed by Leo.
(d) Being broke.

4. What day is it at the beginning of act 2, scene 3?
(a) Opening night.
(b) Three days before opening night.
(c) First night of tech week.
(d) Final dress.

5. What does Max sing in act 2, scene 6?
(a) "I'm So Tired."
(b) "Abandoned."
(c) "Alone."
(d) "Betrayed."

Short Answer Questions

1. How are the dancers dressed in the act 2, scene 2 audition?

2. What does Max say Leo has not yet earned the right to do in act 2, scene 3?

3. What song does Leo sing about Ulla in act 2, scene 1?

4. How does the office look in Act 2?

5. Why is Max angry at Roger in act 2, scene 5?

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