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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. According to Max, what must the author of the play be used to?
(a) Storefront theaters.
(b) Community theater.
(c) Expermental theater off-Broadway.
(d) Big Broadway productions.

2. Which character is NOT singing about Max and Leo at the end of act 1, scene 9?
(a) Roger.
(b) Franz.
(c) Mr. Marks.
(d) Ulla.

3. Why is Roger dressed the way he is in act 1, scene 7?
(a) He is going to a ball for experimental, abstract costumers.
(b) He is going to a Japanese festival.
(c) He is going to Oktoberfest.
(d) He is going to the Choreographer's Ball.

4. When scene one begins, what time is it?
(a) 8:00 PM.
(b) 5:00 PM.
(c) 12:00 AM.
(d) 10:30 PM.

5. In act 1, scene 9, who does Max push on a swing until she gives him a check?
(a) Hold Me-Touch Me.
(b) Hug Me-Kiss Me.
(c) Lick Me-Bite Me.
(d) Kiss Me-Feel Me.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Leo think of Max when he first meets him?

2. How much money does Max say they need for their plan to work?

3. What theater is the backdrop of the end of act 1, scene 9?

4. What is Roger wearing when he first meets with Max and Leo?

5. Where does act 1, scene 2 take place?

Short Essay Questions

1. How is Max responsible for Leo's absence in act 2, scene 6?

2. What is significant about Ulla's song?

3. What does Max sum up about the author of Springtime for Hitler?

4. How do Max, Leo, and Franz get pardoned?

5. In the beginning of the musical, what has happened to Bialystock's latest production and why?

6. What is significant about the references to homosexuality in act 2, scene 2?

7. What is Leo's analysis of the possibility of going to jail?

8. Why does Max cast Franz to play Hitler?

9. What is the point of having Franz talk to pigeons?

10. For what event is Roger dressed up, and who is he going as?

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