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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who is Roger hoping to look like for the evening's event in act 1, scene 7?
(a) Franz Liebkind.
(b) Ethel Merman.
(c) Madame Butterfly.
(d) Grand Duchess Anastasia.

2. Who is Roger DeBris?
(a) A terrible director.
(b) Franz's French cousin.
(c) Leo's former boss.
(d) Max's best friend.

3. How much money does Max say they need for their plan to work?
(a) Three million dollars.
(b) Two hundred thousand dollars.
(c) Two million dollars.
(d) Five million dollars.

4. What do Leo and the other accountants sing about?
(a) How they want to rob their boss.
(b) How they like their job.
(c) How nice their boss is.
(d) How they dislike their job.

5. In act 1, scene 4, what decision does Leo tell Max?
(a) Leo wants to become Max's secretary.
(b) Leo wants to move to Europe.
(c) Leo wants to help Max produce a musical.
(d) Leo wants to write a musical.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is Franz wearing when Max and Leo find him?

2. What does Leo request to wear before leaving the office in act 1, scene 5?

3. What appears at the end of Max and Leo's song in act 1, scene 4?

4. What theater is the backdrop of the end of act 1, scene 9?

5. What firm does Leo Bloom work for?

Short Essay Questions

1. Describe the production of Springtime for Hitler.

2. What has happened throughout the day that forces Leo to quit his job?

3. In the beginning of the musical, what has happened to Bialystock's latest production and why?

4. Describe Roger's production team.

5. What is significant about Max and Leo staying up all night in act 1, scene 5?

6. What is the theatrical superstition detailed in act 2, scene 3?

7. How does Franz react to the people auditioning for the play?

8. What is hurting Max the most in act 2, scene 7?

9. What is significant about the Homburg-style hat?

10. What is the point of having Franz talk to pigeons?

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