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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Max say is worse than being guilty in act 2, scene 7?
(a) Being around the little old ladies.
(b) Being left by Ulla.
(c) Being betrayed by Leo.
(d) Being broke.

2. What is the signature song Max and Leo's musical?
(a) "Springtime for Hitler."
(b) "Oh, Adolph!"
(c) "Siegfried's Oath."
(d) "Say Goodnight, Eva."

3. What is on the other side of the sign the workman puts up in act 2, scene 3?
(a) "You Cannot Afford to Not See This."
(b) "You Will Never Look at Hitler the Same Again."
(c) "A Bialystock/Bloom Production."
(d) "Closing Night."

4. What are Max and Leo wearing in act 2, scene 9?
(a) Tuxedos.
(b) Their office clothing.
(c) Costumes for the musical.
(d) Convict uniforms.

5. What do Max and Leo walk through together when they exit stage at the very end of the show?
(a) Their office door.
(b) A sunset backdrop.
(c) A jail cell.
(d) The theater.

6. What has Ulla done to the office at the beginning of Act 2?
(a) She has sold the furniture.
(b) She has cleaned and painted it.
(c) She had made it into her bedroom.
(d) She has made a mess of the paperwork.

7. What happens after the men are pardoned in act 2, scene 8?
(a) Franz tries to shoot Max and Leo.
(b) Max and Leo decide to never see each other again.
(c) Leo runs away from Franz.
(d) The jail transorms into the Schubert Theater.

8. What big mistake does Leo make in act 2, scene 3?
(a) He tells everyone to break a leg.
(b) He wishes everyone good luck.
(c) He says "Macbeth."
(d) He walks underneath a ladder.

9. How does the office look in Act 2?
(a) Everything is black.
(b) The office is bare.
(c) The office now has a bed in it.
(d) Everything is white.

10. What happens to Max and Leo at the end of act 2, scene 7?
(a) They are sentenced to five years in Sing Sing.
(b) They are kicked out of the producing business.
(c) They have to pay everyone back.
(d) They are set free.

11. What do Max and Leo commit to doing together at the end of the show?
(a) Produce plays.
(b) Writing original plays together.
(c) Paying back all the ladies that Max received money from.
(d) Community service.

12. What song does Leo sing about Ulla in act 2, scene 1?
(a) "How Lucky I Am."
(b) "Why Now?"
(c) "That Woman."
(d) "That Face."

13. What happens when Franz runs backstage when act 2, scene 3?
(a) He hurts his back.
(b) He knocks Ulla over.
(c) He tips over the paint can.
(d) He breaks his leg.

14. What does Leo send Max in act 2, scene 6?
(a) A postcard.
(b) A producer's hat.
(c) A file.
(d) A bottle of bourbon.

15. What must Leo now say instead of his previous statements in act 2, scene 3?
(a) "Take no prisoners."
(b) "Angels and ministers of grace, defend us."
(c) "Bonne chance."
(d) "Break a leg."

Short Answer Questions

1. Who must Roger hug during curtain call instead of Carmen Ghia?

2. What realization does Max have about Franz during the audition in act 2, scene 2?

3. Why is Max angry at Roger in act 2, scene 5?

4. Why are Max, Leo, and Franz pardoned by the governor while in prison during act 2, scene 8?

5. What does Franz demonstrate to the singers and the producers in the audition in act 2, scene 2?

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