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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is on the other side of the sign the workman puts up in act 2, scene 3?
(a) "Closing Night."
(b) "A Bialystock/Bloom Production."
(c) "You Will Never Look at Hitler the Same Again."
(d) "You Cannot Afford to Not See This."

2. What apparently happened to Leo and Ulla in Rio?
(a) They broke up.
(b) They got married.
(c) Franz followed and threatened them.
(d) Ulla got pregnant.

3. How is the off-stage action with Franz noted on stage in act 2, scene 3?
(a) A stagehand comes back onstage and tells Leo that Franz is hurt.
(b) A crash is heard.
(c) Franz comes back onstage and tells everyone that he broke his leg.
(d) He is silhouetted.

4. What happens after the men are pardoned in act 2, scene 8?
(a) The jail transorms into the Schubert Theater.
(b) Max and Leo decide to never see each other again.
(c) Leo runs away from Franz.
(d) Franz tries to shoot Max and Leo.

5. What song do Roger, Carmen, and Franz sing to Leo in act 2, scene 3?
(a) "All For You, Leo Bloom."
(b) "You Never Say Good Luck on Opening Night."
(c) "You Will Never Walk Alone."
(d) "You Cannot Take It With You."

6. Where does act 2, scene 2 take place?
(a) Ulla's apartment.
(b) Franz's rooftop.
(c) The theater.
(d) Max's office.

7. How is Max declared in court during the trial of act 2, scene 7?
(a) It is a mistrial.
(b) Incredibly guilty.
(c) Guilty by reason of insanity.
(d) Innocent.

8. What happens to Franz when he tries to escape the office in act 2, scene 5?
(a) He is arrested for war crimes.
(b) He loses his helmet.
(c) He breaks his arm.
(d) He breaks his other leg.

9. What day is it at the beginning of act 2, scene 3?
(a) Final dress.
(b) First night of tech week.
(c) Three days before opening night.
(d) Opening night.

10. What has Ulla done to the office at the beginning of Act 2?
(a) She has sold the furniture.
(b) She had made it into her bedroom.
(c) She has cleaned and painted it.
(d) She has made a mess of the paperwork.

11. What does Roger do after the dance audition in act 2, scene 2?
(a) He trips one of the dancers who was flirting with Carmen.
(b) He cuts a lot of singers right away.
(c) He casts the show immediately.
(d) He asks Ulla to play Hitler.

12. What do Max and Leo sing about in act 2, scene 9?
(a) How they both love Ulla.
(b) Their gratitude to Roger and Franz.
(c) The end of their partnership.
(d) Their friendship.

13. What does Ulla do before she runs backstage for costume and makeup in act 2, scene 3?
(a) She adjusts Leo's tie.
(b) She hugs Max.
(c) She kisses Leo.
(d) She falls and hurts her ankle.

14. From where do Max and Leo enter in act 2, scene 9?
(a) They enter from the audience.
(b) They are raised up from the orchestral pit.
(c) They enter from opposite sides of the stage.
(d) They rappel down from the stage.

15. What does Franz have to do before he goes on stage in act 2, scene 3?
(a) Run around the theater.
(b) Put on his Hitler mustache.
(c) Give the Siegfried Oath to the chorus.
(d) Do vocal warmups.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is Ulla doing when Max and Leo walk into the office in act 2, scene 1?

2. What do the producers realize they do not have for Franz in act 2, scene 3?

3. Who is directing the dancers in their audition for Springtime for Hitler in act 2, scene 2?

4. What does Leo admit when he and Ulla arrive at the courtroom in act 2, scene 7?

5. Who is the only person who can take over for Franz in act 2, scene 3?

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