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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. From where do Max and Leo enter in act 2, scene 9?
(a) They enter from the audience.
(b) They are raised up from the orchestral pit.
(c) They rappel down from the stage.
(d) They enter from opposite sides of the stage.

2. What does Max sing in act 2, scene 6?
(a) "Abandoned."
(b) "I'm So Tired."
(c) "Betrayed."
(d) "Alone."

3. Who is directing the dancers in their audition for Springtime for Hitler in act 2, scene 2?
(a) Carmen Ghia.
(b) Ulla.
(c) Franz.
(d) Roger.

4. What is the state of the stage in act 2, scene 2?
(a) The stage is bare.
(b) The stage is a disaster.
(c) The set is nearly built.
(d) The stage has been torn up.

5. What must Max do when he leaves the office in act 2, scene 1?
(a) Placate Franz with a German dinner.
(b) See Hold Me-Touch Me.
(c) See Roger about choreography.
(d) Make a payment to the Schubert.

6. How is Max declared in court during the trial of act 2, scene 7?
(a) Innocent.
(b) It is a mistrial.
(c) Guilty by reason of insanity.
(d) Incredibly guilty.

7. When does act 2, scene 6 take place?
(a) The day after opening night.
(b) A few weeks after opening night.
(c) A year after opening night.
(d) The night after the show closes.

8. What does Leo admit when he and Ulla arrive at the courtroom in act 2, scene 7?
(a) He does not like Max.
(b) He was forced to create two sets of books by Max.
(c) He did not want to produce the musical.
(d) He is also responsible for the accounting fraud.

9. What do Max and Leo commit to doing together at the end of the show?
(a) Writing original plays together.
(b) Produce plays.
(c) Paying back all the ladies that Max received money from.
(d) Community service.

10. Who must Roger hug during curtain call instead of Carmen Ghia?
(a) Franz.
(b) Leo.
(c) Max.
(d) Ulla.

11. What do Max and Leo sing about together in the courtroom in act 2, scene 7?
(a) They have changed each other's lives for the better.
(b) They cannot stand to be around each other.
(c) They hope the other one lands in prison for a long time.
(d) They know they can never be friends again because of Ulla.

12. What does Ulla do to Leo when they are alone in act 2, scene 1?
(a) She kisses him.
(b) She flirts with him.
(c) She ignores him.
(d) She asks for his help.

13. What formation does the goose-stepping, storm trooper chorus form during the big dance sequence in Springtime for Hitler in act 2, scene 3?
(a) A star of David.
(b) A cross.
(c) A giant swastika.
(d) Germany's flag.

14. What does Franz claim about Hitler?
(a) He never actually hurt anyone.
(b) He was a mother's boy.
(c) He once read Franz's script.
(d) He was a strong man.

15. What does Leo do after Ulla kisses him in act 2, scene 1?
(a) He throws his blue blanket in the trash can.
(b) He knocks the can of paint over.
(c) He asks her to marry him.
(d) He runs away.

Short Answer Questions

1. How does act 2, scene 8 end?

2. Where does act 2, scene 2 take place?

3. What is Ulla's role in the Springtime for Hitler as seen in act 2, scene 4?

4. What is the musical Max is directing the prisoners in during act 2, scene 8?

5. What takes place after the dance audition in act 2, scene 2?

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