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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What are Max and Leo wearing in act 2, scene 9?
(a) Convict uniforms.
(b) Costumes for the musical.
(c) Their office clothing.
(d) Tuxedos.

2. What song do Roger, Carmen, and Franz sing to Leo in act 2, scene 3?
(a) "You Cannot Take It With You."
(b) "You Will Never Walk Alone."
(c) "All For You, Leo Bloom."
(d) "You Never Say Good Luck on Opening Night."

3. What happens after the men are pardoned in act 2, scene 8?
(a) The jail transorms into the Schubert Theater.
(b) Leo runs away from Franz.
(c) Max and Leo decide to never see each other again.
(d) Franz tries to shoot Max and Leo.

4. What do the producers realize they do not have for Franz in act 2, scene 3?
(a) An understudy.
(b) A costume.
(c) A dressing room.
(d) A biography for the program.

5. Why is Max feeling hurt in act 2, scene 6?
(a) His little old ladies are upset at him.
(b) Ulla is in love with Leo and not Max.
(c) Leo has abandoned him when he needs him the most.
(d) His plan to make money did not work.

6. What offends Franz during the singing portion of the audition in act 2, scene 2?
(a) Homosexual men auditioning for Hitler.
(b) A Jewish man playing Hitler.
(c) Leo's inability to sing.
(d) Ulla's presence.

7. What does Franz demonstrate to the singers and the producers in the audition in act 2, scene 2?
(a) His ability to speak without an accent.
(b) His strong, German-accented singing voice.
(c) His bigotry.
(d) His tone-deaf singing.

8. Who is the only person who can take over for Franz in act 2, scene 3?
(a) Leo.
(b) Ulla.
(c) Roger.
(d) Max.

9. Who is directing the dancers in their audition for Springtime for Hitler in act 2, scene 2?
(a) Carmen Ghia.
(b) Roger.
(c) Franz.
(d) Ulla.

10. In act 2, scene 2, for which character in Springtime for Hitler are all the actors onstage auditioning?
(a) Heimmler.
(b) Eva.
(c) Churchill.
(d) Hitler.

11. How is Max declared in court during the trial of act 2, scene 7?
(a) Innocent.
(b) Guilty by reason of insanity.
(c) Incredibly guilty.
(d) It is a mistrial.

12. What has Ulla done to the office at the beginning of Act 2?
(a) She had made it into her bedroom.
(b) She has sold the furniture.
(c) She has made a mess of the paperwork.
(d) She has cleaned and painted it.

13. What does Leo do after Ulla kisses him in act 2, scene 1?
(a) He asks her to marry him.
(b) He knocks the can of paint over.
(c) He throws his blue blanket in the trash can.
(d) He runs away.

14. Where does act 2, scene 2 take place?
(a) Ulla's apartment.
(b) Max's office.
(c) Franz's rooftop.
(d) The theater.

15. Where does act 2, scene 6 take place?
(a) Max's theater.
(b) Max's house.
(c) Max's office.
(d) Max's jail cell.

Short Answer Questions

1. What apparently happened to Leo and Ulla in Rio?

2. From where do Max and Leo enter in act 2, scene 9?

3. What happens to Max and Leo at the end of act 2, scene 7?

4. Why is Max angry at Roger in act 2, scene 5?

5. What does Ulla do to Leo when they are alone in act 2, scene 1?

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