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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is Leo's opinion about his accounting clients?
(a) They are generous and will help him finance the musical.
(b) They are no smarter than he is.
(c) They are terrible people who deserve to be robbed.
(d) They are incredibly smart.

2. What does Leo request to wear before leaving the office in act 1, scene 5?
(a) A long coat.
(b) A producer's hat like Max.
(c) A leather belt.
(d) A tweed vest.

3. Who answers the door at Roger's apartment in act 1, scene 7?
(a) Carman Miranda.
(b) Maria Chinquito Poquito de la Barcelona.
(c) Carmen Ghia.
(d) Gaia Ghia Carmina.

4. What does Leo get in trouble for when he arrives at the office in act 1, scene 3?
(a) His boss found out about his creative book-keeping for Max.
(b) He did not show up for work that morning.
(c) He did not drop Max as a client.
(d) He is six minutes late.

5. What is the first piece of music heard in this show?
(a) "Betrayed."
(b) The overture.
(c) The entr'acte.
(d) "Springtime for Hitler."

6. What is the name of the show that has opened and closed in the same night in Act 1, Scene 1?
(a) My Eyes, My Eyes.
(b) Funny Boy.
(c) Dogs.
(d) Something Wicked This Way Comes.

7. Where does the author of the play that Max finds in act 1, scene 5 live?
(a) Queens.
(b) Brooklyn.
(c) Greenwich Village.
(d) Astoria.

8. What does Max call his benefactress who visits him in act 1, scene 2?
(a) Hold Me-Touch Me.
(b) Hug Me-Kiss Me.
(c) Kiss Me-Lick Me.
(d) Lick Me- Bite Me.

9. What does Max yell out the window to the woman outside in act 1, scene 2?
(a) "Shake it, baby."
(b) "Want to star in a Broadway musical?"
(c) "When you got it, flaunt it."
(d) "Come up and see me sometime."

10. At the end of act 1, scene 8, where does Max tell Leo he will be going?
(a) Ulla Ulla Ulla Land.
(b) Leo's Little Limey Fun Time.
(c) Hold Me-Touch Me's House of Joy.
(d) Little Old Lady Land.

11. Why does Roger initially refuse to direct the musical?
(a) He does not want to deal with any Germans.
(b) The topic offends him.
(c) He is afraid that he has lost his touch.
(d) He thinks the war matter is too depressing.

12. How do Max and Leo take the oath when Franz is not looking?
(a) They cross their fingers.
(b) They lower their arms.
(c) They stick out their middle fingers.
(d) They switch hands.

13. Who is Roger hoping to look like for the evening's event in act 1, scene 7?
(a) Madame Butterfly.
(b) Franz Liebkind.
(c) Ethel Merman.
(d) Grand Duchess Anastasia.

14. How does Leo feel about the play Max finds?
(a) He thinks it is hilarious.
(b) He actually finds it to be brilliant.
(c) He thinks it is boring.
(d) He is horrified.

15. What is the name of Ulla's song?
(a) "Because I Am."
(b) "When You Got It, Flaunt It."
(c) "Why Me?"
(d) "Please Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood."

Short Answer Questions

1. What year is it as the play begins?

2. What happens in act 1, scene 9 due to Max's actions with the ladies?

3. What is Franz wearing when Max and Leo find him?

4. How does the banner dropped at the end of act 1, scene 9 describe Max and Leo's show?

5. What oath must Leo and Max take when they meet Franz?

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