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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Leo's boss tell him at the beginning of act 1, scene 3?
(a) Leo should learn a few tricks from Max.
(b) Leo will soon be promoted.
(c) Leo will never amount to anything or progress in his career.
(d) Leo is the smartest accountant he has.

2. What is the name of the show that has opened and closed in the same night in Act 1, Scene 1?
(a) Something Wicked This Way Comes.
(b) My Eyes, My Eyes.
(c) Funny Boy.
(d) Dogs.

3. Where does Leo go in act 1, scene 4?
(a) The bar.
(b) A theater.
(c) Max's office.
(d) Leo's house.

4. Who is the author of the play Max finds in act 1, scene 5?
(a) Franz Wunderkind.
(b) Franz Liebkind.
(c) Hansel Liebkin.
(d) Hitler's cousin.

5. What song do Roger and his team sing in act 1, scene 7?
(a) "Keep It Gay."
(b) "The Song That Goes Like This."
(c) "All You Need is a Jew."
(d) "Make 'em Laugh."

6. Where do Leo and Max find Franz in act 1, scene 6?
(a) In a dumpster.
(b) On the street.
(c) On the rooftop of his apartment building.
(d) In his apartment.

7. Who makes up Roger's team (the chorus) in the song in act 1, scene 7?
(a) Men dressed as Leo and Max.
(b) Glitzy chorus girls.
(c) Cleaning ladies.
(d) Homosexuals.

8. What is the backdrop of act 1, Scene 9?
(a) Smiley faces.
(b) Broken hearts.
(c) Pictures of Hitler.
(d) Valentine hearts.

9. How does Leo feel about Ulla after meeting her in act 1, scene 8?
(a) He is in love with her.
(b) He thinks her accent is strange.
(c) He cannot stand her.
(d) He thinks she is dumb.

10. According to Leo, what could not possibly compare to going to jail?
(a) Living at his mother's house forever.
(b) Being stuck on the subway.
(c) Being out of New York forever.
(d) Being an accountant forever.

11. How old is Bialystock?
(a) In his sixties.
(b) In his fifties.
(c) In his twenties.
(d) In his forties.

12. In what event will Max approve Leo's request in act 1, scene 5?
(a) Leo has to make some money first.
(b) Leo has to become a full producer.
(c) Leo must get the contracts signed.
(d) Leo must first cast the musical.

13. In act 1, scene 8, what do Max and Leo bring back to the office after meeting with Roger?
(a) Cigarettes.
(b) Liquor.
(c) Signed contracts.
(d) Costumes.

14. What year is it as the play begins?
(a) 1969.
(b) 1959.
(c) 1953.
(d) 1949.

15. What does Franz sing about to his pigeons?
(a) His desire to cleanse Hitler's name.
(b) His loneliness without his wife.
(c) His love of animals.
(d) His homesickness for Germany.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Leo tell his boss at the end of act 1, scene 3?

2. What type of a play is The Producers?

3. How much money does Max say they need for their plan to work?

4. According to Max, what must the author of the play be used to?

5. In what position does Leo find Max in act 1, scene 4?

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