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Short Answer Questions

1. How does Garnett refer to Lusa?

2. Since the chemotherapy, what can Jewel not eat anymore?

3. What is the reason that Lusa gives Crys for keeping the farm, in Chapter 21?

4. In Chapter 18, what does Lusa ask that the family start using?

5. In Chapter 26, whom is the Forest Service agent looking for?

Short Essay Questions

1. What are some of the ghost experiences in the house that Lusa relates to Crys?

2. Even though Nannie drives Garnett crazy, why does he feel it is his responsibility to give her the shingles in his garage?

3. In Chapter 25, what does Deanna remember as the closest thing to an explanation of the birds and the bees that she ever got?

4. In Chapter 24, what reason does Lusa give Jewel for using every bit of produce from her garden?

5. Nannie is upset because the church fumigated for bees and now honey is oozing out of the walls. What does she think they should have done instead?

6. In Chapter 16, why is Deanna embarrassed when Jerry brings her supplies?

7. What does Garnett tell Nannie is the reason that he will not reach out to his son?

8. How does Garnett embarrass himself in Chapter 28?

9. What reasons does Lusa give Jewel for wanting to adopt her children?

10. What does Hannie-Mavis tell Lusa is the real reason that Cole's family does not seem to embrace her?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Lusa has very strong convictions about planting tobacco. Her brothers-in-law, however, feel that it is the only viable crop to plant. Cite examples from the book that explain their reasoning. What is the topography of the land like? How does this affect what crops will grow? What facts do they present to her, regarding growing corn? Is she simply being idealistic, rather than practical? In the end, what decision does Lusa come to?

Essay Topic 2

Nannie and Garnett have very different opinions on the aging process and this causes conflict in their relationship. Explain both of their views on this subject. Why do they feel this way? Does their view of this affect their every-day life? Do you think either view is better or more appropriate? Do you think either view would lead to a happier life?

Essay Topic 3

Eddie Bondo is portrayed as a character that is easy to distrust. Citing examples from the book, discuss what you think his true character is. Has he been accurately portrayed? Would you consider him a good person or not? What are Deanna's expectations of him? Did this have an effect on how you viewed him?

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