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Short Answer Questions

1. How much is Lusa going to get, per pound, for her herd?

2. What kind of therapy does Lusa discover, after Cole's death?

3. What is Garnett gradually realizing about Nannie?

4. What is the shape of Nannie's shingles?

5. In Chapter 20, what does Nannie say that Mary Edna has?

Short Essay Questions

1. What does Garnett tell Nannie is the reason that he will not reach out to his son?

2. In Chapter 25, what does Deanna remember as the closest thing to an explanation of the birds and the bees that she ever got?

3. What secret does Lusa tell Crys, in Chapter 21?

4. In Chapter 30, Lusa starts to think of Cole in a different manner. What is this?

5. What does the snake, leaving the cabin, symbolize for Deanna, in Chapter 22?

6. What realizations does Deanna have, alone in a rainstorm, in Chapter 29?

7. Why does Deanna think that falling trees will never crush her cabin?

8. What are some of the ghost experiences in the house that Lusa relates to Crys?

9. Garnett has previously ignored his doctor's suggestion to have cataract surgery but is now reconsidering. Why?

10. In Chapter 18, Lusa spends quality time with Crys. What are some things that she finds out about her?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Eddie Bondo is portrayed as a character that is easy to distrust. Citing examples from the book, discuss what you think his true character is. Has he been accurately portrayed? Would you consider him a good person or not? What are Deanna's expectations of him? Did this have an effect on how you viewed him?

Essay Topic 2

Antagonism is seen commonly throughout this book. Explain, in depth, who you believe to be the most antagonistic character. Cite specific examples of behavior or conversation, from the book, to support your answer. Also address repercussions of the antagonism.

Essay Topic 3

The Appalachian area is seen, by some, as being "hick" or "backward". Cite three examples from the book that would support this theory. Address regional dialect, stereotypes, and character names.

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