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Short Answer Questions

1. What do Nannie and Garnett agree that there are too many of?

2. What does Deanna use, instead of a stamp, on her letter to Nannie?

3. Who is coming to visit Garrett, that has him excited?

4. What does Nannie not "take much stock in"?

5. According to Deanna's dad, why do adult birds "fly around crazy" in August?

Short Essay Questions

1. In Chapter 18, Lusa spends quality time with Crys. What are some things that she finds out about her?

2. How does Garnett embarrass himself in Chapter 28?

3. Why does Deanna think that falling trees will never crush her cabin?

4. In Chapter 25, what does Deanna remember as the closest thing to an explanation of the birds and the bees that she ever got?

5. In Chapter 17, what remark does Nannie make that causes Garnett to wonder if he may have been responsible for his wife's death?

6. In Chapter 16, why is Deanna embarrassed when Jerry brings her supplies?

7. Nannie is upset because the church fumigated for bees and now honey is oozing out of the walls. What does she think they should have done instead?

8. What is the "decrease predator - increase prey" concept that Deanna tries to explain to Eddie in Chapter 19?

9. Deanna finally opens up to Eddie about her half-sister, in Chapter 16. What does she tell him?

10. In Chapter 30, Lusa is finally beginning to feel like what?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Man vs. nature is a common theme in "Prodigal Summer". Explain Deanna's theory of predation, as it relates to predators and prey. Cite examples that she lists in the book. If predators are killed or die at a faster rate than prey, what are some of the outcomes that she predicts will happen? What could the effect on humans be?

Essay Topic 2

Farmers and ranchers have long been at odds with conservationists, who believe in protecting predators. Give one example from the book to defend each side of the controversy. Do you feel that we, as a society, have an obligation to protect all species, in order to keep the eco-system intact? On the other hand, do we have an obligation to ourselves and our families to protect what is ours, in order to sustain our own existence?

Essay Topic 3

Lusa and Deanna share a love of nature. Unfortunately, they are in the minority and are often made to feel like outcasts, because of their beliefs. List three examples, from the book, which demonstrate this behavior by others. Is there a reason for their behavior? Does it resolve itself?

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