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Short Answer Questions

1. What label has Lusa been given by the community?

2. What is Lois's nickname?

3. What is the last name of the person that built Deanna's cabin?

4. What is Deanna eating in Chapter 4?

5. What weapon does Deanna have hidden for protection?

Short Essay Questions

1. What is Deanna's main defense of coyotes, concerning the killing of farm livestock?

2. Do you think the way the townspeople treat Lusa at Cole's wake is right?

3. Why does Lusa feel that her new sisters-in-law do not like her?

4. Do you think Eddie respects Deanna?

5. According to Garnett's religious beliefs, when is it okay for an animal species to go extinct?

6. What is the ritual for traditional Muslin prayer?

7. What is Lusa's plan for her goats?

8. Why is Garnett disheartened by the farms in the area?

9. Describe Sam Hill as we meet him in Chapter 13.

10. How do you think Herb and Big Rickie handle the situation about putting in Lusa's crop?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Barbara Kingsolver is a biologist originally from Kentucky, with a home in southern Appalachia. Discuss what you believe to be her intention in writing this book. Did she mean for there to be a deeper meaning to the book other than ordinary fiction? Is it merely coincidence that she writes about a place and subjects that she is well versed in? Do you believe that she is trying to sway your opinion in areas such as eco-systems, hunting, or tobacco? Give precise reasons for your answer.

Essay Topic 2

Antagonism is seen commonly throughout this book. Explain, in depth, who you believe to be the most antagonistic character. Cite specific examples of behavior or conversation, from the book, to support your answer. Also address repercussions of the antagonism.

Essay Topic 3

During Deanna's stay on the mountain, she has become a dedicated, hard-working ranger, with little interest in the outside world. When Eddie Bondo arrives, everything changes. Cite three examples from the book that illustrate changes for Deanna, after his arrival. Be sure to include professional and personal changes. Are these changes solely due to Eddie? Are they positive or negative?

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