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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. When telling people about her plans, Lusa says that she is going to do what?
(a) Wait a year and then decide.
(b) Ask for help.
(c) Take one day at a time.
(d) Finish what she started.

2. What do Nannie and Garnett agree that there are too many of?
(a) Mosquitoes.
(b) Beetles.
(c) Politicians.
(d) Cockleburs.

3. What is Garnett gradually realizing about Nannie?
(a) She is a good baker.
(b) She is religious.
(c) She is crazy.
(d) His feelings for her.

4. In Chapter 31, what does the coyote smell?
(a) An unknown male.
(b) Smoke.
(c) Prey.
(d) Humans.

5. How old is Deanna?
(a) 40.
(b) 42.
(c) 47.
(d) 35.

Short Answer Questions

1. In Chapter 22, Deanna feels so much despair on the mountain that she lays down and does what?

2. In Chapter 27, what does Lusa tell Little Rickie that she is going to be soon?

3. Since the chemotherapy, what can Jewel not eat anymore?

4. How does Garnett refer to Lusa?

5. In Chapter 24, Jewel is talking about dying. What is one thing that she will regret not seeing?

Short Essay Questions

1. In Chapter 23, what are Garnett and Nannie's differing views on old age?

2. Even though Nannie drives Garnett crazy, why does he feel it is his responsibility to give her the shingles in his garage?

3. How does Garnett embarrass himself in Chapter 28?

4. Why is Deanna anxious about Eddie reading her thesis?

5. Deanna finally opens up to Eddie about her half-sister, in Chapter 16. What does she tell him?

6. What secret does Lusa tell Crys, in Chapter 21?

7. What are some of the ghost experiences in the house that Lusa relates to Crys?

8. In Chapter 30, Lusa is finally beginning to feel like what?

9. What does Nannie do, in Chapter 20, that makes Garnett realize how starved he is for human touch?

10. Why does Garnett not like the pickers that come each fall to help with the harvest?

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