Prodigal Summer: A Novel Short Essay - Answer Key

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1. What is Eddie like, at the beginning of the book and how does Deanna react to him?

Eddie is a man that Deanna comes across in the forest at the beginning of the book. He is young and good-looking, and Deanna is instantly attracted to him. They have a passionate encounter at her cabin.

2. Why does Eddie make Deanna nervous?

Deanna is nervous because she has been hurt in the past and she is afraid of her intense feelings for Eddie. Moreover, she suspects that he is in the forest to hunt the coyotes.

3. How does Deanna equate her husband with the typical "male animal"?

Deanna says that her husband was a typical male animal because he put his territorial mark (his name) on everything that she owned and then walked away. She also referred to this as scent marking.

4. Why do Cole and Lusa fight a lot?

Lusa and Cole fight a lot because Lusa is a city girl, trying to acclimate herself to new country surroundings and a new husband. Cole is too busy farming to cater to her emotional needs and is very defensive about his hometown and family.

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