Objects & Places from Prodigal Summer: A Novel

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Appalachian Mountains

This large range encompasses the town in the story.

Zebulon Mountain and Valley

These are the setting for the stories that take place in this book.

Zebulon National Forest

This is Deanna's employer as well as her home.

Egg Creek, Bitter, Goose, Walker, and Black

These bodies of water come together at the town.

Egg Fork

This is the small town that is the setting for much of the story.


This is where Eddie Bondo is from.


This is where Lusa is from.

The Widener Farm

This is the ancestral home where Lusa lives.

Pinkie's Diner

This is where Garnett goes on Fridays.

Little Brothers' Hardware

This is a store found in the town.


This is the large grocery store where Jewel works.

Black's Store

This is the general store.

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